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Release Date:   2006-04-01

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Software Product Description

Power Batch freeware does batch convert, resize, rename, crop, rotate, adjust, and print out your watermarked photos.

Conversion is performed among JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BITMAP, PNG and JPEG2000. Resizing can use one of the 11 resampling filters. Renaming template uses a combination of EXIF date/time, auto number and any custom string. You create your watermarks the same way as in Photo Watermark Professional and print your watermarked photos in batch mode. A built-in FTP client lets you upload and download your photos directly to and from your server.


  • Green program: Everything is in a single folder.
  • One step to process large number of photos (all files in a folder and also in its subfolders at the same time) including combinations
  • Batch renaming: Create unique file names with EXIF date and time.
  • Batch resizing: Can use one of the 11 resample filter.
  • Batch converting: Convert between JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, GIF, PNG and JPEG 2000.
  • Batch printing: Watermark and print out all your images.
  • Batch rotating: Rotate all your pictures at once.
  • Batch adjusting: Adjust colors of your pictures.
  • Batch cropping: You can define a crop window for each picture and batch crop them.
  • Making AVI: Make AVI movie.
  • Control your output size while you are creating watermarks.
  • Manage multiple watermark files with the built-in watermark manager: Maximize your creativities, switch watermarks is just a single click.
  • Three types of objects: Watermark supports a mixture of text, graphic and drawing objects of any complexity.
  • Various fill and stroke styles for text and shape objects including gradient fill and bitmap pattern fill.
  • Multi-line text objects and various styles.
  • Angled text objects.
  • Smooth rendering of individual object.
  • Automatic objects - Objects that are updated automatically with each image using either file information or EXIF data.
  • Auto file info: Stamp your photos with filename and size.
  • Auto date: Stamp your photos with date picture taken and last watermarked in various formats.
  • Auto EXIF table: Show portion or the entire EXIF table on your pictures.
  • Auto age: Place your baby's age on the photos.
  • Camera model and camera settings.
  • Frame: Include an auto adjustable frame for your pictures.
  • Image effects for image object such as emboss, tile, twist etc
  • Soft shadow: Each object has its own drop shadow including non-text objects.
  • 100 transparency levels: Each object has its own transparency level.
  • Insert or paste pictures: JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF, TIFF, BITMAP, JPEG2000 etc.
  • Individual object alignment: Each object can have an auto position attribute which is one of the 9 predefined positions and no auto position.
  • Explorer style folder tree and file list: Photo files are listed automatically when you select a folder. You can optionally open a number of files for watermarking if you do not want to list all photos in a folder.
  • WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get interface.
  • Keep your EXIF data: EXIF data are automatically saved in the watermarked files provided they are in JPEG format.
  • Various graphic formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BITMAP and JPEG2000.
  • Supports animated GIF and multipage TIFF files.
  • Collage several pictures on a page.
  • FTP your pictures from or to your server.
  • Detailed hint can be shown when you move your mouse over a command or combo box.
  • Multiple themes.


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