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If you would like to test the performance of your computer, then UserBenchmark will let you do even more. You will not only determine its performance but also compare the results with those of other systems with similar hardware configurations. The program tests both strengths and weaknesses of all the components on your system and then compares them to the 10 most popular similar components.


  • Performs different types of tests
  • Identifies strongest components on a computer
  • Compares components to similar ones with the highest votes in their respective classes
  • Gives you the chance to vote
  • Presents generated reports on
  • Let's you view other users' test results

Using UserBenchmark

We found it relatively easy to use the program, and it gave valuable information we could use to improve our system. We simply selected the components we wanted to test and then clicked the 'Run' button. It displayed a progress bar and details of the respective processes it was undertaking. Of course, the test went so fast that we could not read all the details as it processed them.

We used the benchmark tool to quickly perform different tests, including NCQ, TRIM, SATA, S.M.A.R.T. and 4k Align. We did the test for both USB and hard disk drives, including their read and write speeds. Other HDD tests included mixed IO, deep queue access and the speeds of SATA connections.

The benchmark program used 3D animations of DirectX 9 and 10 to test the video card, which consumed considerable graphics resources. When it came to testing CPU performance, it ran integer, floating and string tests.

We accessed the details of the benchmark test via our Web browser. The details showed the health of the various components on our system and included recommendations on how to improve hardware components.

We compared our results with those of other users, which displayed worst and best performances. A score of 100% indicates speeds matching the 10 highest user-rated components.


While many benchmark tools are geared towards users with technical skills, UserBenchmark allows ordinary PC users to perform their own tests and understand the results. It tests all important areas on a system, including CPU, graphics, hard drives and USB drives and then recommends necessary improvements.

Software Product Description

UserBenchMark will compare the strengths and weaknesses of each component in your PC.