UxTheme Patcher for Windows Vista      

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Release Date:   2007-03-25

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OS:  Windows Vista

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Software Product Description

Are you tired of Vista's Aero theme? A patched uxtheme.dll gave you the freedom to use un-signed custom visual style in Windows XP but in Windows Vista you have to replace three dll files to use third party visual styles.

Those three files are uxtheme.dll, shsvcs.dll and themeui.dll.

How To Install:

  1. Login as a user with Administrative privileges -or- have Administrative credentials ready (check under the keyboard for a slip of paper).
  2. Navigate to %systemroot%\System32
  3. Right-click uxtheme.dll and click properties.
  4. Take ownership of the file and close dialogs.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll
  6. Right-click uxtheme.dll and click properties.
  7. Give yourself (or group) Full Control permissions and close dialogs.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll.
  9. Rename uxtheme.dll to uxtheme.old.
  10. Rename themeui.dll to themeui.old.
  11. Rename shsvcs.dll to shsvcs.old.
  12. Copy patched files into %systemroot%\System32
  13. Reboot (yes, this is really required)
  14. Enjoy!



Review Date: 2007-11-14

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Other Thoughts: Works brilliantly provided you take ownership properly - not like the previous respondant!

Right click the files and select properties, then select the security tab, then the advanced button, followed by the ownership tab, change ownership of the files here by clicking the edit button and then typing your user name as it appears on your account.

N.B. This won't work at all if you're not already an administrator - you'll only end up going round in a loop.

After doing this THEN go back and allow yourself all access permissions on the three files!

Seems long winded, but actually it's easy.


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