Version Control for Engineers v0.22      

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Software Product Description

Version control systems have many useful purposes, one of the most important ones being mitigating the risk of losing work. Version Control for Engineers provides a safety net for engineers and other professionals. It is a free Windows collaboration tool designed especially for engineers, designers and scientists. The program provides a graphic user interface for the SVN version control system.

The freeware gives you file revision control for your engineering, hardware and other scientific projects, including CAD files and different binary documents. Its main features are:

  • Full change control
  • File synchronization via either the Internet or LAN
  • Merge conflict resolver
  • Whole project history

Version Control for Engineers features a clear graphic user interface that makes it easy to use. Installing the software is also a breeze.

The Options screen lets you specify the root folder for all new projects. If you do not specify any root folder, the program will automatically use the Document folder. Other things you need to specify include proxy host and port as well as the interval for checking repositories, in minutes.

Adding a new project is as easy as specifying the server URL and providing username and password. You can test the repository and manually set the root for working copy if you want to save the project in a separate folder from the default one.

You can place projects on your computer, LAN or the Internet.

You can edit your project with your preferred editor. Return to the project window after making necessary edits to see your modifications. To publish or send the modifications to the repository, use the Commit command. If you want to apply other users modifications from the repository, use the Update command. You can see the complete history of committed modifications using the View log command.

Version Control for Engineers supports https, http and file connections to SVN repositories. All you need to collaborate on projects is the SVN repository in your LAN, cloud or the Internet. The location of the SVN repository you want to connect to will determine the type of configuration you will make.

What's New in version 0.19


  • Configuration for external diff tool for each file type (by extension)
  • Set the interface font with any size