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Release Date:   2021-09-21

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)

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Reviewed on September 21, 2021

Change format, change codecs, resize multiple videos all at once.

VidBatch is a free batch video processing software for Windows 64-bit systems which enables you to batch process changes you want to make to your video files all at once. For instance, you can create a processing list to add watermarks and resize multiple videos so that the application processes them concurrently as a multithreaded operation. Multithreading shares process resources while executing threads independently. A range of formats for import and export are supported.

You simply select the videos you want to change and create a processing list. The tasks available are:

  • Saves a video with your required format and/or codec changes to the file
  • Scales a video with or without maintaining the original aspect ratio
  • Watermark a video with a selected image with specified transparency, size, etc.
  • Capture and export a selected number of frames to save as an image
  • Trim a selected portion of a video file

Batch video processing software that supports several editing actions simultaneously

Downloaded, installed, and launched, the application opens to a user-friendly interface. You add the video files or folder to the panel at the left, which is headed by a toolbar, by either drag and dropping them or manually searching. The right-hand panel is where you create your processing list.

With a video file selected, click the Add Task tab at the top of the panel to select from the list containing Export Images, Resize, Save As, Trim, and Watermark Image. The selection of a task opens a panel of available task options for each operation to the right of the list. Many options, ranging from respectively resizing by dimensions or aspect ratio, size, position, transparency, to format, video, and audio codec streams are available for each task. A preview panel at the bottom left will display your video before and after your proposed changes.

Resize multiple videos or add watermarks once you have completed your processing list by exporting to the format you require - AVI, FLV, MP4, OGG, ASF, MKV, or WebM.

The batch video processing software provides you with many settings options including the language used. Settings including displaying hints, statistics after processing, can be changed from the Options tab on the menu bar. In all, the Options pop-up window provides for such changes to settings for System, Interface, Videos, and After Batching.

Free VidBatch is the ideal solution to the need to make various changes to any number of videos in the shortest possible time. It is equally of use to the experienced video editor and users who are amateurs. In fact, it is an easy way for inexperienced users to make changes without the need for investing in different applications to make the changes required.

Software Product Description

Combine several tasks and batch process videos.