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Release Date:   2016-01-14

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 Reviewed on January 15, 2016

Vintager is a special free photo editor that easily allows you to apply vintage photo effects and ensure your pictures are never dull. The latest version allows you to perform many things you could not do with the old one, including the ability to change the destination folder, which we had mentioned in an earlier review. The program makes it easy to apply the desired effects.

Using Vintager

If you have used the earlier version of Vintager, then we are glad to inform you that you will still enjoy the familiar simple graphical user interface. However, the new version includes several new features under the hood. For example, you can apply different frame effects, collages and layers to your photos. The program window is divided into various parts, with the right section containing the various tools and effects you can use while the left side displays the selected photo and effects you are applying.

We opened the folder with the pictures we wanted and selected them. The ability to select multiple photos enabled us to apply the desired effects to all of them at the same time, which saved considerable time and avoided monotony. The arrow buttons below the preview pane allowed us to display different images from our selection.

Vintager had many effects grouped into such categories as cold, spirit, drama, oldie, sunset, void and ivory among others. The effect we selected was immediately applied to the photo we were previewing. Other features that we could also apply in real time included frame type, texture and blur. If we did not want to take time going through individual effects, we simply clicked the 'Shuffle' button and the software applied vintage photo effects at random.

The free photo editor also allowed us to adjust such photo properties as brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation and luminance. If we did not like the result, we simply clicked the 'Reset' button. When we wanted to save the effects we had applied, we clicked the 'Apply Changes' button. A confirmation screen appeared where we clicked 'Yes' to apply the changes.

The program then displayed the progress of the application process, which was fast. A pop-up window appeared that allowed us to open the folder with the new images. We then removed the photos from the program list so we could work on others.

The process of creating photo collages was also easy, and we could work with either original pictures or the ones we had just edited using the program. We could arrange photos in a variety of ways when combining them for photo collages. The editor also let us easily flip, rotate, crop or change the size of a picture.


Vintager is an intuitive free photo editor that you can use to update your pictures in a variety of ways. For example, you can apply different vintage photo effects, change picture properties and even create photo collages. Overall, a nice addition to your digital photo software collection.

Software Product Description

Vintager is creative and easy-to-use software that provides you with a number of special effects that can be applied to your photos to give them a retro/vintage style.


"Overall fantastic impression"

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Review Date: 2015-12-21

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