Visual Basic .NET Games 1.0      

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Release Date:   2006-04-17

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VISUAL BASIC .NET GAMES contains versions of some of the popular 'text-only' BASIC language programs from the early 1980's. These are simple programs, no fancy graphics and no sound. But, the games are fun and invoke a nostalgic feeling in many older programmers. This download is the complete source code for VISUAL BASIC .NET GAMES. Study and modify it as you desire for programming practice.

There are six games in VISUAL BASIC .NET GAMES. ACEY-DEUCEY is a fun card game. EVEN WINS is one of those 'remove the markers' games. MUGWUMP asks you to find the hidden monsters in a grid. LUNAR LANDER lets you land safely on the moon. FROWN is a fun dice game you play against the computer. And, JOT is an addictive word guessing game. Have fun with these.

Requires: Visual Basic .NET



Reviewer: -biggerB

Review Date: 2010-09-17

Pros: A good collection of projects..

Cons: No sound or graphics

Other Thoughts: Good for beginners and pros alike


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