Visual Image Resizer 4.56      

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Release Date:   2017-03-07

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Reviewed on March 07, 2017

You may need to resize images for various purposes, such as making them fit a given requirement, uniform or are convenient for sharing. A quick way of resizing multiple images is to use Visual Image Resizer. The free image resizer provides everything that is necessary for resizing images, including batch mode that can handle even 50,000 images at once.

Using Visual Image Resizer

When we launched Visual Image Resizer after its smooth installation, it opened an almost bare window with a large button in the center with the words "Drag your photos here". On the middle upper part of the window were buttons for selecting and clearing images while the "Next Step" button was on the upper right part. The "Select Images" button let us add multiple images at once, and we could even add all images in a folder but not its sub-folders. The "Clear" button removed all the images loaded at once.

The loaded images were displayed as circles on the user interface. We clicked the "Next Step" button and the free image resizer opened a window where we needed to specify the desired resize options. In the first option, we selected the output folder where we wanted to save the resized images.

In the next option, we selected the image format and quality in a drop-down list that displayed nine different choices. We then selected how we wanted to resize the images in another drop-down list. We could choose to fit image width, fit image height, fit both width and height or use a percentage. The options that appeared below the list depended on the selected choice. The last option gave us the opportunity of renaming and numbering the images if we wanted.

Once we had specified the required options, we clicked the "Resize" button and the program started the process while displaying a progress bar. It then opened a page that listed the resized images, each with a button to its right for opening it using our default image viewer. A button on the upper part of the page enabled us to open the output folder and view all the images.


Visual Image Resizer makes it easy to resize multiple images at once. The free image resizer works fast, but the actual speed depends on the resize options. For example, it takes relatively longer when enlarging images than when it shrinks them. Overall, the program proves to be a handy tool for resizing images.

Software Product Description

Free software to resize images.