VisualWget 2.6      

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Release Date:   2014-06-23

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

Downloads:   9679

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Software Product Description

VisualWget is a download manager that uses Wget as its core. It give you an interface to manage your downloads. By maintaining your downloads as a list of jobs, you can easily see the progress of them as they are running; start or stop them; or set their priority. Each download (job) can be configured separately. When you create a new job or edit an existing one, you can insert a list of URLs and select from various Wget's options.

You can give VisualWget a new look by making skins. Things like main application icon, system tray icon, bullet images, toolbar images, menus and context menus images are called skins. So you can use you own icon as a system tray icon or use your own image on a toolbar button.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

What's New in version 2.3:

  • HTTPS support.
  • Chinese [Traditional] translation by Yang.
  • Japanese translation by Tilt.
  • Polish translation by RafaƂ Rakowicz.
  • Spanish translation by Juan Diaz Quintanero.