What's New in version 13.0.1:

WPanorama.exe (build 1448):

  • In the slide show creation panel, it is now possible to specify the timer value. Each time this panel is loaded, the slide show timer default value is loaded in the editor.
  • In the previous versions, the slide show timer default value was used if the current timer value was less than 200ms, otherwise the current timer as used. It was not possible to edit it from this panel.
  • It is now possible to specify a global sound for the panorama show. This allows to play the same piece of music during the whole show. When global sound is enabled, it overrides the sound parameters specifed for the individual panoramas.
  • If all the files of a slide show are not in the folders specified in the list file (.wsl), WPanorama looks for them in the folder in which the list file is located. This way, if all the panorama show files (list file, image files and sound files) are located in the same folder, the show will still work after all the files are moved into another folder.
  • When starting a panorama show, if some panoramas are missing, the number of missing panoramas is briefly displayed.
  • An option has been added, allowing to make the image scroll by dragging it with the mouse in the main panel even while the complete image is visible.
  • It is now possible to run a panorama show by supplying it with, as a list, a simple text file containing the panoramas files names only.
  • Improved the aspect of the help header and added pictures to the file associations help menu item.
  • If none of the panorama show panoramas is found, the show immediately terminates with a 'No files found' message. In the previous versions, it displayed the current screen saver panorama in a loop.
  • Improved the file associations management, particularly for the case where another software would have been associated with an extension which can be associated with WPanorama. In the previous versions, in this case a crash of WPanorama could have occured.
  • In the previous versions, if WPanorama was launched by a .wxs file, a message was always displayed in English, regardless of the language for which WPanorama was configured and there was no text in the buttons.
  • This issue has been corrected in this version.
  • The scrolling in the help panel now stops at the right place. In previous versions (since 9.5.1) it was going too far.

WPanorama.scr (build 1251):

  • Added a 'Back and forth for non 360' checkbox. In the previous versions, all the non 360 panoramas were scrolling back and forth. This checkbox makes it possible to scroll the panoramas in only one direction.
  • In the image list panel, if the 'Save show param' box is checked, when saving the list all the panorama show parameters configured in the viewer are now written into the list file.
  • In the previous versions, the current screen saver parameters were used and the 'Still image display duration' and 'Run in a loop' parameters which don't exist in the screen saver configuration) were set to a fixed default value if they were not already defined in the image list file.
  • Adapted to the new panorama show feature (simple list).
  • Improved the aspect of the help header.
  • In the control panel, when the 'Hot keys enabled' checkbox is grayed-out, the '(m)' at its right is now also grayed-out, which was not the case in the previous versions.
  • The scrolling in the help panel now stops at the right place. In the previous versions it was going too far.

WpaInfo.exe (build 1211):

  • Now supports 4556 panoramas.

What's New in version 11.2.1:


  • During a panorama show, it is now possible to display a map showing the location from where the current panorama was shot (if available).
  • It is now possible to disable the screen saver while WPanorama is running. By default, the screen saver is disabled during the panorama show and when WPanorama is in full screen mode. It is also possible to set it so it is always disabled or only during the panorama show.
  • Adjusted some line spacings in the help in order to improve its look and readability.
  • All the controls (buttons, editors and menu items) allowing to set panorama related parameters are now disabled if no panorama is loaded.
  • From version 8.3.1, with some versions of Windows, if WPanorama was in full screen mode when the screen saver was triggered, going to windowed mode after the screen saver termination caused a 'System error: code 5' popup to appear. It is not the case anymore since Windows 10 update of late January 2018.
  • From version 11.1.1, unlike all the other toolbar buttons, 'Fit to desktop' was sometimes not greyed out during panorama loading. This has been fixed in this version.
  • When the global sound was not enabled, if a panorama associated with a music piece was discarded, when you clicked on the 'Config. - Sound player' menu item, the item allowing to change the file name and the one allowing to discard it were still active. Now there is only the item allowing to specify a file name and it is greyed out.

WPanorama.scr (build 1235):

  • The 'Image preview' checkbox now applies to all the image loading dialogs current panorama Select, logo Name and, in the 'Image list' panel, the Add images function). In the previous versions, it only applied to the current panorama Select; for the logo Name the image preview was always enabled and for the Add images function it was never enabled.
  • If, when using the Add images function in the 'Image list' panel, no images are loaded, the list doesn't refresh, which avoids a useless delay.
  • When using the Add images function in the 'Image list' panel, if the number of selected files is too large (more than 3000, depending on the filenames length) no image is loaded and, in the previous versions, the '0 images added to the list' message was displayed for 1.5 seconds. From this version, in this case a more more explicit message is displayed, inviting the user to proceed to the loading in bits. This restriction is probably due to the operating system and may disappear in a future Windows update.
  • Adapted to the map display and the screen saver disabling in the panorama show.
  • Adjusted some line spacings in the help in order to improve its look and readability.

WPAInfo.exe (build 1195):

  • Now supports 4127 panoramas.
  • Corrected the coordinates of 5 panoramas, the description of 4 others, the author's name of 2 others and the author's website (added, removed or modified) of 91 others. The authors' websites removals or modifications have been done in order to get rid of dead links.