WSCC - Windows System Control Center      

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Release Date:   2019-03-11

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

WSCC is a free, portable program that allows you to install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites such as Windows Sysinternals Suite and Nirsoft Utilities. The included Update Manager can check for newer versions of the utilities already installed and can download and install the missing items. Alternatively, WSCC can use the http protocol to download and run the programs.

WSCC uses the included WSCC Console to execute command line applications.

WSCC is portable, installation is not required. Extract the content of the downloaded zip archive to any directory on your computer.

This edition of WSCC supports the following utility suites:


"Amazing capabilities"

Reviewer: -Woof

Review Date: 2011-08-19

Pros: Easy to install. Easy to use. A program launcher for the huge collection of SysInternals software, many of which are Command Line Tools. It combines both NirSoft and SysInternals software in a single package (provided you have them in your files). It gives a decent description of each program so that it's easier to skim over and see what you'd like to use. A way to use the command line tools for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with command line (the average user).

Cons: Odd virus warning popped up when the program was installing the NirSoft collection. Odd because all the related software downloaded previously without warnings and in individual scans by multiple virus scanners, this program was clean, and multiple scans of the system after the report shows the system clean, too. Probably a false positive, I'm thinking.

Other Thoughts: This is so handy! As for the comment about doing nothing explorer can't do, I have 2 responses:
1) Explorer doesn't provide a single menu launch vehicle for all these tools (nor descriptions), which is the whole purpose of this program in the first place.
2)A huge portion of the freeware programs offered here and elsewhere do stuff Explorer or other Windows functions already do. They're just customized or simplified.


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