WarFTPD 1.83.00      

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Release Date:   2013-02-25

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OS:  Windows All

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Software Product Description

War FTP Daemon is the original free FTP server for Windows. When it was released in 1996, it became an instant success. After that, the server has earned its status as one of the "essential" Internet Server Applications for Windows.

War FTP Daemon includes Unix-style security features, a power user interface for the system operator, extreme flexibility, Windows OLE support, multi-threading design, and advanced software technology and performance.

Unlike many other "free" Windows applications, War FTP Daemon contains absolutely no spyware or adware. The program is designed to transfer files to and from the server, according to your demands - and nothing else. There are no backdoor, no advertising pop-ups, no "reporting home" nonsense or any other hidden "features". The only security or privacy risk with the (at any time) latest version of War FTP Daemon, is misconfigurations or yet undiscovered bugs.

What's New:

  • This version fix a number of bugs and adds a few significant enhancements.
  • This version fix a buffer overrun vulnerability in the manager so you should upgrade ASAP.
  • This version also fix a problem that has caused warftpd to be slow on fast networks. The transfer speed is dramatically increased.
  • New is also a "hammering protection" feature that will detect and ban hosts that attempts brute force password guessing.
  • This version is compiled with Visual Studio 2003.NET, something that should improve the performance and stability.