webGobbler 1.2.6      

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License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2006-11-09

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OS:  Windows (all), MacOS X, Linux

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Software Product Description

webGobbler is a free and useful program which wanders the web, downloads random images and mixes them. This program is opensource (under the zlib/libpng license).


  • creates images by assembling random images.
  • can get random images from the internet or from a directory of your choice.
  • can apply various effect to images (rotation, inversion, mirror, re-superposition, emboss...).
  • can generate images of any size (Want to create a 10000x10000 images ? No problem !).
  • can output many file format (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PDF, PCX, PPM, XBM...)
  • can work as a simple image generator, a webpage generator, a wallpaper changer, a screensaver...
  • can run in command-line mode or GUI mode.
  • runs under Windows (all flavors), Linux, MacOS X and any other OS where Python and the PIL library are available.
  • can save/load its configuration to/from the registry or a simple configuration file in your home directory.
  • supports proxies, with or without password.
  • is opensource !
  • is free !

The gallery is at

Technical details and source code are available at

This program also runs under Linux, MacOS X and any operating system supporting Python and the Python Imaging Library (PIL).


"But why?"

Reviewer: -niceberg

Review Date: 2006-11-13

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: "wanders the web, downloads random images and mixes them".
WHY? Seems like an unsatisfied ghost program roaming the net indulging in harmless mischief.

Oh, in case you're wondering - No, I didn't try it.


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