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Reviewed on May 05, 2020

Search for selected text in one search engine and translate the results in another.

Websearch Launcher provides you with fast searching of selected text in an entire array of search engines including those designed for specific purpose searches, and enables you to follow up with a range of translation options. There are options for different modes of search, searches by country, and by date or date ranges when you search multiple engines. In addition to searching, it is also translation software enabling you to translate the selected text into the language required.

Websearch Launcher combines fast targeted searching with convenience:

  • Whether you are using software on your machine or you are already on a website, you can select text and do a search or get translation without leaving, opening a browser, and typing in the text.
  • You can select text in one browser and get results or translation in another.
  • Search from selected text, from text pasted to the Clipboard or from text selected on a website.
  • Specifically search for videos, Encyclopedias, social media sites, find software, or Google Search in different countries.
  • Search multiple engines free from the history influence of a consistently used engine.
  • Provides many options for searching with precision.

Easy to use portable software

Download, unzip, and execute Websearch Launcher. The graphic user interface is comprehensively divided among categorized search engines, translation, method, and settings for results. The toolbar at the top of the interface includes cut, paste and clear buttons, page up and down, home, and more.

The left-hand panel displays search engine options grouped by type - Google search by country, other major search engines, video and social media sites, meta-search engines, encyclopedia engines, and software sites. Below this, you'll find your translation search engine options and languages.

At right you specify your result settings - search or translation, number of results to return, whether to display results in a new tab, stay on website, or search on another browser. You can choose from a number of modes for precision searching - i.e. in text, URL, anchor, title, etc., and you can search by date or various date ranges, or by extension. Once you have selected all your options, you use the Intelligent Search buttons to perform your search or translation.

Websearch Launcher can be hidden in your mouse pointer, moved anywhere on the screen, hidden to icon size, or toggled to be displayed or hidden using the keyboard shortcuts +.

Access many ways of searching

The flexible search and translation software provides you with the ability to search multiple engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckgo, Dogpile, Yandex, Swiss, StartPage, and Baidu. Meta search engines include M.Crawer, W.Crawler, Yippy, and EntireWeb, Video Search offers YouTube, Vimeo, Bing, and Yandex while Encyclopedias include Wikipedia, Books, Rewriter and more.

Websearch launcher is a handy portable utility that enables you to search multiple search engines with the goal of saving you time and providing convenience in searching very specifically. It is, in addition, flexible translation software that enables you to find the translation results that best suit your purpose.

Software Product Description

Compare and select the translation that works best for you by using multiple search engines and translation services.


"Websearch Launcher Offers a Better Workflow for Internet Searches and Translations"

Reviewer: -John Rico

Review Date: 2020-07-06

Pros: 1 - Selection search works across different browsers and from almost any programs. 2 - Many settings options to get better search results from Google. a > (a handy build in google parameters insert tool. here you can ex/include words or put your own parameters) b > (google parameters settings from out check boxes) 3 - Selection search to diverse search engines. 4 - Meta search engines. 5 - Better Workflow for Internet Searches and Translations. 6 - Selection search from Clipboard. 7 - Special merge copy function with this you can copy text on different places and then translation it or do a search. 8 - Different Translations engines. 9 - And many more.

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: Working with Websearch Launcher give users a whole new experience/perspective of how to search or translate better and faster on internet. I Believe that this can be a new way and an evolution way of how we can do in the future the searching or translations.


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