Webtile System Ultra      

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Release Date:   2019-09-22

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OS:  Windows 7, Wiindows 8, Windows 10

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Reviewed on October 13, 2016

If you would like to get detailed information about your system in a simple way, then try using Webtile System Ultra. The lightweight and free application provides RAM and CPU usage in real-time in addition to giving other details about these components and graphics cards. It is designed for Windows 10 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

Using Webtile System Ultra

The ZIP package contained both EXE and MSI files, either of which we could use. The installer had a button that displayed the disk volumes on our computer when clicked, and we could select the one on which we wanted to install the application. We could also install it for either all users or just the current user.

The gray-themed graphical user interface featured three tabs on the upper part, which respectively gave details about basic system information, CPU and RAM. It opened the system overview tab by default, which gave the names of our computer and operating system installed. It also displayed information about CPU, GPU and RAM in separate tables.

The processor details that we got included CPU name, numbers of cores and logical cores, maximum clock speed and manufacturer. The GPU table displayed the name of the GPU adapter and size of the Vram while the RAM table displayed total RAM, RAM speeds and manufactures.

The CPU tab featured a drop-down bar on the lower right part of the application window for selecting the CPU to be monitored, with its name and current clock speed respectively displayed just below and above the bar. Other details listed on the remaining part of the window included architecture, family and stepping, data width, Device ID, CPU socket, revision and the sizes and speeds of L2 and L3 cache.

The RAM tab also had a drop-down bar that we used to select the RAM stick whose details we wanted to see. The details that we got about the selected RAM stick included the number of sticks, size, speed, manufacturer and part number. The upper part of the application window displayed the total RAM while the lower part displayed both used and free RAM.


Webtile System Ultra is a simple application for displaying important details about a computer running Windows 10. There is nothing to configure; all a user needs to do is select the RAM stick and CPU to monitor; and this is only applicable when the system has multiple RAM sticks and processors.

Software Product Description

Webtile System Ultra provides additional information about your computer system, it also offers a CPU Benchmark, GPU Benchmark and RAM testing function to test your system memory.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.