WeekToDo v1.4.0      

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Release Date:   2021-08-20

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Reviewed on August 10, 2021

Minimalist planner application provides simple, intuitive way to set up and navigate a to-do list.

A free weekly planner, WeekToDo has a very minimalist design that allows you to create and set up your own lists in addition to being able, at a glance, to see all your to-dos for each day of the week. It's a very easy way to manage your tasks and time.

The application allows you to quickly postpone items, move them around as and when required, and to make notes of appointments or deadlines with quick access to a pop-up calendar. A number of features of WeekToDo add to your ability to control your time and increase your productivity. Furthermore, the free planner includes additional functions that simply make it a pleasure to use.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Custom To-do Lists
  • Drag and Drop
  • Multiple language availability
  • Dark Theme

Schedule your priorities ahead of prioritizing your schedule

Downloaded, installed, and launched to the minimalist interface, the free weekly planner displays columns featuring the days of the week in the upper part of the window. The lower half is the area where you create the lists that meet your requirements. A menu panel at left provides icons for access to Today, Calendar, New Custom List creator, and Settings and, at the bottom, Tips and Contribute (support/feedback for the developer). Sample list and items are displayed upon the first launch of the application.

The 'Today' icon sets your cursor on the current day of the week column. Clicking any date on the pop-up calendar takes you to that date and you can enter an appointment or reminder. Clicking the custom lists icon creates an input field in the lower half of the interface enabling you to input a title and start typing items below it. Listed items can be dragged and dropped to and from the days of the week and the custom lists. Placing the cursor on any field lets you add a task, a mouse click marks it finished, and it can be deleted or moved at any time.

The 'Settings' icon accesses the settings menu where you can change the language being used in a drop-down menu, toggle on and off displaying the Calendar and Custom Lists and Dark Theme. Sliders let you set the number of columns displayed and zoom percentage. Beneath these, you'll find a backup location field and, at the bottom, input and Export-Import buttons. Import opens Explorer to allow you to import a WeekToDo file from storage, and Export enables opening or saving the current one.

The 'Tips' icon provides help and suggestions for getting ultimate use from the free weekly planner.

WeekToDo is intuitive and easy to use whether or not you are experienced in using planning/management applications. The clean and simple interface is a pleasure to use for anyone needing to organize and prioritize tasks for the day, week, and more.

Software Product Description

Manage your week better by scheduling your priorities.