WhatPulse 2.8.3      

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Release Date:   2018-04-16

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Have you ever thought about the number of keystrokes you type in a day? Would you like to map your keyboard and share the information with others in different parts of the world? WhatPulse will help you do this and more.

In addition to measuring your keystrokes, the program also maps your mouse usage and helps you determine the applications that use your bandwidth most. It provides statistics you can use to analyze your personal computing life in graphical format or compare yourself with colleagues.

Using WhatPulse

You can start using WhatPulse by registering a free account at, but we opted to sign in using our Facebook account. We then downloaded the WhatPulse client and installed it on our computer. Optionally, you can download the program directly from our website and register from within the program.

The friendly user interface kept the program's various features and functions in different tabs. We found it easy to browse through the statistics showing our usage. Please note that the program links and sends the statistics to the official website where you can also access them. WhatPulse uses a process known as "pulsing" to transmit the information online.

These details include:

  • keyboard and mouse heatmap
  • a list of running applications
  • computer uptime
  • applications using Internet connection
  • upload/download statistics
  • real-time bandwidth
  • computer overview

WhatPulse counted our keystrokes, mouse clicks and the distance we traveled with our mouse. Other details included the name of active network interface, IP address and number of reboot sessions. In addition to providing daily reports, we could get statistics about specific periods, such as monthly or annual reports. We could also get statistics about a particular day like the previous one.

The program allowed us to make a number of configurations on how we wanted it to operate. For example, we could set it to automatically launch with our system, set its dialog transparency or display tray balloons and splash screen. We could also specify the unit to be used to show the distance our mouse traveled.


WhatPulse is a useful program for mapping your computer usage and sharing the information with others online. The program is user-friendly and fast.

Software Product Description

Map your keyboard usage when you are typing, gather trending information and share your heat map with your friends.