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Many residential areas in towns nowadays have access to WiFi, which should ideally improve Internet speeds. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It's highly probable that many people will try to access the Internet to stream, upload or download data at the same time. Thankfully, you can use WiFi Channel Picker to eliminate or at least manage the problem.

WiFi commonly uses 2.4 GHz band, which is divided into 11 channels. The signals from most of these channels tend to overlap, leading to noise. For example, your router may be configured to use channel 2 while your neighbor's uses the next channel. Most of the signals from both channels will overlap because the channels cannot cope up well with channel interference. This leads to intermittent connections that may be strong one moment and almost nonexistent the next moment.

You may think that using the same channel with your neighbors will lead to congestion. However, WiFi access points usually deal better with different signals coming from the same channel than signals coming from different channels. This means when you are in the same WiFi channels with your neighbor, you will sacrifice some bandwidth but your speed will remain reliable throughout.

If your Internet Service Provider gives you speed of about 50 Mbps but the WiFi channel provides 150 Mbps, you will still have enough bandwidth even though your neighbor uses some of the WiFi bandwidth. You may not even notice any lag.

This means it is important to select the right WiFi channel, which is where WiFi Channel Picker comes in handy. The application scans all available channels and displays the people or routers using them.

The program will give you a snapshot of all the routers around you. You should ideally get as close to your router as possible to help you determine the access point that will give you the least interference. You need to select your router from the list and then click the "Evaluate" button. A pop up window will appear displaying the name of your router and the best channel for it to use.

The WiFi Channel Picker also provides useful hints to help the entire neighborhood improve connectivity. By the way, the best channels you should preferably choose even if they appear crowded are 1, 6 and 11 because they are not as vulnerable to channel interference as the others.


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