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Release Date:   2018-11-01

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Reviewed on November 01, 2018

Block settings with free portable Win10 Settings Blocker

If you're the person who family members and friends come to for help when something goes wrong or the same thing keeps going wrong, Win10 Settings Blocker may be just what you need.

When you've reconfigured the same feature for the nth time, and your instructions to leave the settings alone go unheard, you need to block settings in Windows 10 and stop users from changing them. You can block specific pages of settings or even all settings.

Download Win10 Settings Blocker, extract the .EXE file and run the application - as Administrator - in order to change Registry entries.

Comprehensive interface

You'll find all your options in a drop-down menu:

  • Hide Pages - settings are hidden when a user opens Windows Settings or Control Panel
  • Show Only Pages - shows only selected pages in Windows Settings/Control Panel
  • Block Setting Pages - blocks Windows Settings/Control Panel, closing it if a user attempts to open it.
  • Disable Blocking - unblocks everything previously blocked

You simply choose the option you require and click the plus icon on the toolbar to bring up the Add to List window.

Choose the Windows Setting Page for the feature you want to block from the drop-down menu and click the Add to List button. Click the Save Settings icon in the toolbar to save your changes. The feature will now be listed in the main interface.

The blocked settings listed in the main window each have a checkbox beside them so that you can quickly uncheck it and click the Save Settings button to save the change when necessary. You can also select and right-click it to disable or delete it. Again, you must save your changes.

Stop changes being made to your computer's settings by disallowing them

Win10 Settings Blocker is a quick and easy means for anyone administering a Home System to easily block settings where others, especially children, use the device. The great advantage the tool has over locking settings in the Registry - quite apart from it being so very easy to make a mistake there - is the capability to block settings in Windows10 and unblock at will from a simple interface.

Blocking settings becomes fast and efficient, and the program is portable so you can be a Good Samaritan and help out anybody who continually needs help with settings.

Administrators for business systems may find Win10 Settings Blocker more convenient to use than the Group Policy Editor software included in current versions of Windows 10 Professional. The application supports all versions of Windows 10 and has several language options including French, German and Japanese.

Software Product Description

Stop other users of your system from changing settings.