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Release Date:   2016-09-26

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Of all the buzz surrounding the release of Windows 10, many users have noted that controlling the operating system's settings -- particularly location and data tracking -- can be a pain. Enter Win10 Wizard, a tool from Digital Care that provides pre and post-upgrade support to users who are downloading Windows 10. The program is definitely unique in that it aims to make controlling the settings in Windows 10 much more convenient and streamlined.

Using Win10 Wizard

Downloading Win10 Wizard is a breeze and getting the tool is absolutely free, which is a definite bonus. After going through the quick set up, the program will help determine if you qualify for a Windows 10 upgrade. Win10 Wizard comes in handy well before you download Windows 10 by scanning your PC, providing a full report, and making sure it's ready to proceed with the upgrade. The software also alerts you to any potential compatibility issues or programs and features that you may lose after upgrading to Windows 10, such as Media Player and OneDrive.

Already have Windows 10 installed on your computer? Win10 Wizard will allow you to easily tweak Windows 10 settings from just one screen by using on/off toggles. This aspect definitely makes Win10 Wizard user-friendly and eliminates the learning period that would usually be needed to adjust the system to your personal preferences. The program's Settings Manager enables you to control location and data tracking, security, privacy, desktop themes, volume, and more, all without having to hunt through Windows 10 to find these options. After you've made the switch to Windows 10, Win10 Wizard offers post-upgrade support that helps you easily fix driver, application, and extension issues.

Final Thoughts

If you're considering taking the plunge and installing Windows 10 on your PC, Win10 Wizard is definitely worth a try. Those who have hesitated to upgrade largely because they're wary about being able to control the new operating system's settings will find Win10 Wizard especially helpful. The software is free, will alert you to any compatibility issues before you download Windows 10, and is quick and easy to use. Portability would have been a nice feature to include in Win10 Wizard, but the software is still a great way to manage and tweak Windows 10.

Software Product Description

Whether you want to upgrade, or have upgraded already, this tool provides essential features for every Windows 10 user.


"Tread Carefullly"

Reviewer: -Howard5

Review Date: 2016-02-27

Pros: Good idea saves time with potentially 100 fixes for windows 10 Takes some of the worry out of upgrading

Cons: Don't like TRIAL WARE - if the license is FREEware it should be free not on trial

Other Thoughts: TRIALware not FREEware Computer magazines can give in depth fixes which you can understand. Don't let this robot fix them for you


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