WinBubble for Windows 10 v2.5      

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Release Date:   2016-12-21  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

In just two clicks, WinBubble will help you to customize and tweak Windows Vista/7/10 easily. Its features cover Maintenance Tools, Hidden Utilities, Customization, Security and Optimization.


  • Welcome Screen Logon Features
  • Automatic loading and browsing of bitmap files for OEM Customization
  • Automatic Wallpaper Conversion
  • File Type Customisations
  • New Tools in WinBubble Tweaking Toolbox
  • Windows Utilities and More Policies Tab
  • My Computer and Control Panel Items Tool
  • File-type and Open With Context Menu Customization
  • The program now is Password protected
  • Changing the Color combination of the Utility
  • Windows 7 support was added
  • Right-Click Menu for the important settings was added
  • WinBubble Admin Tools was added

Windows 7 Main Features:

  • Adding Icons to Right-Click Menus
  • Open With Menu Items and File Type Context Menu Editor
  • Automatic conversion of Jpeg Images in Windows 7 (tested on 3400 different file sizes)
  • Logon Background Wallpaper Customisations while on the Welcome Screen
  • Welcome Screen Text Shadow Customization and Disabling the Start-up sound was added
  • Documentations for Windows Tools was added
  • Access to Windows 7 Hidden Utilities was added

Windows Vista only Feature:

  • Shutdown Button Settings Tool
  • Turning Off the Glass Effect using the Desktop Window Manager was updated

Windows 7 and Vista Features:

  • (Enhanced) Display recent Programs in Start Menu Feature
  • Turning Off the Glass Effect using the Desktop Window Manager was updated
  • Open With Menu Items and File Type Context Menu Editor
  • Adding Items to Desktop, My Computer and Control Panel
  • Command Prompt Background and Text Color Customizations
  • Ability to Change WinBubble Background Color
  • WinBubble Admin Tools Added
  • Restore Point Creator was updated
  • User Accounts CP Tool was added

New Windows 7 and Vista Policies/Restrictions:

  • Add Run Command to Start Menu
  • Clear Recent Documents History on Exit
  • Clear Recent Programs List for New Users
  • Remove Access to Right-Click Menus for the Taskbar
  • Prevent the User fom adding or removing Toolbars
  • Prevent users from resizing the Taskbar
  • Prevent the user from rearranging toolbars
  • Lock the Taskbar
  • Hide and Disable All Items on Desktop
  • Prevent Adding, dragging, dropping and closing the taskbars toolbars
  • Prohibit adjusting desktop toolbars
  • CD and DVD: Deny Read Access
  • CD and DVD: Deny Write Access
  • Floppy Drives: Deny Read Access
  • Floppy Drives: Deny Write Access
  • Removable Disks: Deny Read Access
  • Removable Disks: Deny write Access
  • Removable Disks: Deny All Access
  • Restrict Access to Control Panel
  • Remove Display in Control Panel
  • Hide Appearance and Themes Tab
  • Hide Desktop Tab
  • Hide Screensaver Tab
  • Hide Settings Tab
  • Prevent Changing of Wallpapers
  • Computer Management
  • Disk Management
  • Device Manager
  • Shared Folders
  • Advance Windows Firewall
  • Prevent access to command prompt and cmd script processing
  • Prevent access to Registry Editor
  • Prompt for Password on resume from hibernate / suspend
  • and MORE FEATURES...

Other Features:

Windows Customizations:

  • Add/Edit OEM Logo and Information´s
  • Edit Owner Information
  • Context Menu Customizations: Move To, Copy To, Take Ownership, Pin To, Turn OFF/ON Aero, Disk Clean-up and
  • Winbubble launcher
  • Customize Screensaver (Bubbles, Ribbon and Mystify)
  • Customize and Remove the Arrow on Shortcut icons
  • Desktop Icons: Show IE, Computer, Network, Control Panel, Username folder and Public Folder to Desktop.
  • Hacking Windows Experience Score
  • Re-enable Hibernation
  • Enable Aurora Bootscreen guide
  • Launch WinSAT Aurora
  • Show Windows Vista Build on Desktop
  • Enable Slow-Down Animations
  • Enable/Disable Welcome Center

IE Customizations:

  • Internet Explorer Window Title
  • Start Pages
  • Enable/Disable Pop-up Blocker
  • Enable/Disable Phising Filter
  • Enable/Disable Download Complete Notification
  • Enable/Disable ClearType font
  • Remove Search Box
  • Hide Command Bar


  • Speed-up Start menu search (Stops searching the File index, Favorites and History, and Communication files)
  • Clear Multiple Monitor Configuration
  • 3 ways to turn off Windows Aero, Increases Performance for Gaming and Battery Usage


  • Remove "New" in Explorer´s Context Menu
  • Remove "Folder Options"
  • Disable Taskmanager
  • Disable AutoPlay in All type of media
  • Disable access to Display Property
  • Disable access to Control Panel
  • Increasing security by forcing to input the Username before entering the windows
  • Add Encrypt/Decrypt to Explorer´s Right-Click Menu (Context Menu)
  • Enable/Disable UAC
  • Disable RUN command in the Start Menu and Task manager
  • Hide ALL Fix Drives
  • Hide a specific Drive
  • Hide Shutdown button and options in the Start Menu
  • Internet Explorer Security settings 1: Disable File->New, File-> Open, Save As, View Source, Favorites, Right-Click, Download, Tools->Internet Options.
  • Internet Explorer Security settings 2: Internet Options Window, Hide General Tab, Security Tab, Privacy Tab, Content Tab, connections Tab, Programs Tab, Advanced Tab

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 and Vista




Review Date: 2017-09-05

Pros: A "moderate level" user friendly registry editor. Great customization tool. Can also be used a a Security Tool or "lockdown" tool for your personal user profile or perhaps a child's computer( i use on my 4 kids computers to keep them out of control panel and other drives and folders i don't want them to have access to.) Many useful Tweaks packed into 1 program that uses very little to no resources (if you don't password protect) because mostly it is just editing your registry and when you close the program the work is done.

Cons: Includes very advanced Tweaks and customizations that can easily destabilize a computer for the novice user.

Other Thoughts: I have yet to find an all in one program that allows the customization of the all the following and much more
context menu
start screen
System Icon
System icon overlay
Personal branding of OEM Software Logos
Command prompt background and text color changing


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