WinJumble 1.8      

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Release Date:   2017-08-10

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on August 10, 2017

WinJumble is a special application for unscrambling words and finding anagrams. It knows approximately 376,000 English words, which you can find by inputting between two and 31 letters in the text box.

Features and Functions

WinJumble installs quickly and easily, creating both desktop and Start menu shortcuts. You can open the help file soon after installation, which provides a quick guide on what the application does and how to use it.

The program features a small window with a text box for entering the desired letters and a space below it for displaying the results. Four buttons are on the right part of the window that serve as the menu.

Once you have entered the letters that you want to unscramble, you can press the "Enter" key to perform the unscrambling or find anagrams. Alternatively, you may press "Alt+J" or click the button marked "Jumble" on the application. The application will display a list of words made from what you had entered. If it does not find matching words, the list box will remain empty.

WinJumble processes and displays lists of relevant words very fast no matter how long the words are. The words appear on the list box as soon as you use any of the three processing methods mentioned above. The application processes and displays whole words, not phrases.

The longest word that you can generate with WinJumble contains the letters "accddeeehhhhiiilllnnooooprrrtty." Can you guess what it is? If you cannot, then enter the letters and discover it for yourself!


If you would like to unscramble words from letters that are jumbled up and do not seem to make sense or find anagrams, then WinJumble is a suitable tool for you. You can enter between 2 and 31 letters onto the lightweight application, and it will immediately display a list of relevant words.

Software Product Description

Free software designed to find all English words based on the text entered into the program.