What's New in version 2020 Release 1:

The release contains the following updates since the version '2019 release 1':

  • library updates: vorbis 1.3.7, opusfile 0.12, mpg123 1.26.4, libsndfile 1.0.30, libfaad2 2.10.0, Monkey's Audio 5.70 and BASS 2.4.15
  • replaced obsolete freedb server with
  • removed toolbar and menu; only ribbon menu band is used now

The following bug fixes are included:

  • fixed crash when decoding mp3 files
  • fixed reading FLAC picture tag

What's New in version 2019 Release 1:

Today I released winLAME 2019 release 1, which corresponds to the build number The release contains the following updates since the version '2018 release':

  • library updates: ogg 1.3.4, opus 1.3.1, FLAC 1.3.3, libfaac 1.30, libfaad2 2.9.1, libsndfile 1.0.29pre2, mpg123 1.25.13, Monkey's Audio 5.11, BASS 2.4.14 and BASSCD 2.4.7
  • bulgarian translation, contributed by Karlov Nider
  • format texts for reading CDs can now contain backslashes in order to create subfolders
  • implemented reading and writing disc number from Ogg Vorbis, Opus, WMA, ID3v2 and Xiph Comment tags

The following bug fixes are included:

  • fixed outputting 32-bit or 64-bit float wave files with libsndfile
  • fixed crash when reading Monkey's Audio .ape file ID3v1 tags
  • SourceForge bug 81: fixed leaving temp files in the temp folder when reading CD to non-16-bit-wave-format
  • fixed bug when reading CD track when BASS buffer is empty; result was that no samples were read at all, but encoding was successful
  • SourceForge bug 77: fixed reading tags and cover picture from FLAC files

What's New in version 2018 Beta 1:

  • Replaced MAD mpeg library with libmpg123
  • Replaced id3tag library with TagLib for reading and writing metadata
  • Classic UI now uses the same wizard dialogs as the Modern UI
  • Encoding in Classic UI is now done using the same task manager that is used in Modern UI
  • Updated Opus encoder to version 1.3
  • Various bug fixes

What's New in version 2010 Beta 2:

  • Fixed renaming output files from temporary file to final file.
  • Fixed lockup when writing an output file is skipped, and the next file is about to be written.
  • Fixed version check for libFLAC.dll; only version up to 1.1.2 are supported currently (porting winLAME to the API changes would be welcomed!)

What's New in version 2010 Beta 1:

  • Fixed bug where encoding a file contained in a path containing non-ASCII characters would give an error.
  • Upgraded LAME to 3.89.2, compiled with Intels ICL compiler
  • Other small bug fixes