WinThesaurus 3.2.1a      

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Release Date:   2017-08-15

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Reviewed on August 15, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to use a particular word but could only think of another word that's related to it? WinThesaurus can come in handy during such situations among other uses. The thesaurus contains 30,260 root phrases and words with more than 2.5 million synonyms.

Features and Functions

You need to download the appropriate edition of WinThesaurus for your computer, whether it uses 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. Extract and install the executable file. If you are using Smartscreen filter, you may receive a warning but installing the software will not harm your computer. The program automatically creates a desktop shortcut no matter where you choose to install it, which makes accessing it easy.

The small program window is divided into three main parts. You enter words or phrases in a text box on the upper left part of the window. Below the text box is a list of root words and phrases while the synonyms for the selected root word or phrase appear on the lower right part of the interface.

Once you have entered the required text, you may look for it in root words and phrases or use it as a synonym and find its root. The two buttons that you use to do this are located to the right of the text box. The results will be displayed on the lower right or lower left part of the window depending on the button you click.

You may also click on any root word displayed on the lower left pane and its synonyms will be displayed on the lower right pane. When you select a synonym on the right, you may copy it to the Clipboard by clicking a dedicated button below the synonym pane.

Once you have made several entries in the text box, you can quickly select a previous entry by clicking a drop-down arrow that will display the recent items. Double-clicking any word in either the root word or synonym list copies it to the text box.

The thesaurus allows you to use wildcards in the textbox, with * substituting any number of characters while ? substitutes one character.


A quick way of getting many synonyms or root words from known synonyms is by using WinThesaurus. The free thesaurus features 30,260 root words and phrases with each words having an average of 83 synonyms. Of course, some root words have more synonyms than others, some having almost 1500 synonyms.

Software Product Description

An English language thesaurus for Windows.