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Reviewed on February 02, 2017

WinUSB is a simple tool for creating a Windows bootable USB drive using any DVD or ISO with Windows 10, 8 or 7 distributions. In most cases, you do not even need to format the drive. The entire process takes only three simple steps.

Using WinUSB

We launched WinUSB directly from the downloaded executable file since it was a portable application. Double-clicking the file opened a simple graphical user interface that was primarily divided into two sections. A small pane on the left side contained links for accessing the official site, user guide, EULA or getting Windows ISO. The working area covered the remaining part of the application window.

We started by selecting the USB flash drive that we wanted to make multi-bootable. We needed to use a drive that had at least 4 GB of free space. When we had more than one flash drive connected to our computer, the program listed them in a combo box where we selected the one that we wanted. In addition to the drive letter, the program displayed the total and free spaces of each USB stick and its file format.

Once we had chosen the drive that we wanted to use, we selected the required distribution by specifying either Windows installation DVD or ISO file. Whichever selection we made opened Windows Explorer that we used to pick the distributions.

We clicked the "Next" button and the program opened a window where we could choose the file system if necessary. When the USB stick had enough space to create Windows bootable USB drive, we had the option to make it bootable without formatting. When the space was not sufficient, however, we could only continue by allowing the program to format it first.

We clicked the "Yes" button after selecting the required format settings and WinUSB started writing the formerly selected distribution(s) to the USB flash drive. A small pop-up window appeared when the process was completed. The application gave us the option to continue adding other distributions to the drive or ending the process.


A simple way of creating a Windows bootable USB drive is by using WinUSB. The program allows you to create a multi-bootable flash drive so long as there is enough space, and you do not necessarily need to format the drive.

Software Product Description

Windows multiboot USB creator.