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In the current world of the Internet of Things where different devices communicate without the need for human intervention, you need a special tool to set up your devices. Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard is a handy tool for downloading, setting up and connecting all compatible devices from a computer. It is an intuitive dashboard for Microsoft's stripped-down operating system that runs on ARM architectures used in such devices as Raspberry Pi, DragonBoard 410C and MinnowBoard Max.

Using Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard

We downloaded the online installer that verified application requirements before downloading and installing the dashboard over the air. The process took a couple of minutes. We needed to log in with our Microsoft credentials to access the program's main window.

When setting up a new device, we specified the device type, OS build, drive, device name and our preferred password. We allowed Wi-Fi connection by checking the box on the upper right part of the user interface. The networks that we connected to were displayed on the lower part of the check-box.

We inserted an SD card on our computer and specified its path in the "drive" section. It is advisable that you use one of the recommended cards considering that make, model and type of card has a significant influence on performance.

We changed the default device name, minwinpc, to a name that described our device for ease of identification. We could use up to 15 characters, which could include numbers, letters and @ # $ % ^ & ' ) ( . - _ { } ~ symbols. Our device rebooted automatically when we powered it after changing its name. The first boot was relatively longer than subsequent boots.

We connected our device to the Internet, and the dashboard automatically detected it. It was listed under "My Devices" from where we right-clicked on it to bring up a context menu. We clicked on "Open in Device Portal" and opened a page that allowed us to manage the device easily.

The dashboard allowed us to deploy and run such sample apps on our device as Internet Radio, Network 3-D printer, IoT Core Blockly and IoT Connector Client.


Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard enables you to set up your Internet of Things by adding and managing various compatible devices. You can even provide credentials for your device to communicate with Azure.

Software Product Description

Download, set up and connect your Windows 10 IoT Core devices.