Windows 98 Revolutions Pack 7      

Size:   4.57MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2007-05-04

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OS:  Windows 98SE

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Software Product Description

Windows 98 Revolutions Pack - Add XP styles effects to 98SE only such as XP toolbar icons, start button, and boot logo plus much, much more.


  • It REALLY FIXES KB891711 vulnerability (this link leads to separate fix; it isn't required for RP2.2 and higher)
  • It ENABLES 32-bit icons. Can't you feel difference between 2000 and XP? This update isn't for you.
  • It ENABLES 32-bit icons. Isn't that enough?! No?! Just look in screenshot section.
  • It REPLACES idiotic 9x Ctrl-Alt-Del dialog with powerful Resource management utility which really helps to save system stability
  • It makes Windows look and feel more modern. You don't believe? Ah, you're boring.
  • It's absolutely freeware!!! Don't give your money to Bill because of XP looking cool.
  • O... I've forget about Fade Effect, Align to Grid, Lock Taskbar, Transparent Labels features? Ah, well... Goto "Display" - "Effects"



Reviewer: -Jennifer

Review Date: 2011-08-20

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This is a great add-on pack. Some people have XP, but now I can have the stability of XP, with the power of DOS to run ALL the programs I want & need, complete without having to activate the Windows I bought with my own money.

All that is needed is the simple license key, & I am good!

Wow, whoever fixed all these bugs is a genius! Now, I can use 98 in modern era, & more powerful than XP/Vista/7 ever was or will be, since it supports both new AND old games/programs!

This is great!


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