Windows Tweaker 5.3.1      

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Release Date:   2015-01-31

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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 Reviewed on July 21, 2014

Windows Tweaker is a handy utility that allows PC users to tweak Windows and customize their systems to function as they want. It offers more than 100 tweaks aimed at improving the overall performance of Windows systems, and it includes a search facility that enables users to locate required tweaks fast.


  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems from Vista
  • Available in English, German and Russian
  • Fast search for configurations
  • Provides access to over 35 Windows tools
  • Free and open source

Using Windows Tweaker

The new version of Windows Tweaker has a redesigned interface that makes it easy for users to access new ways to tweak Windows and improve the performance of their systems. The program started in a maximized window that only left the taskbar visible, featuring a grayish interface with a prominent search bar at the top that displayed helpful hints on how to manage the search results.

Below the search bar were 11 options that we could choose depending on the areas we wanted to tweak. Clicking on an option displayed corresponding areas below them, and we could select any to make necessary tweaks. For example, Selecting Explorer displayed drive letter display, advanced, properties, libraries, start screen, navigation, etc.

We liked many of the options at our disposal. One of them was the ability to select items using check-boxes, which meant we did not have to press and hold the "ctrl" key to select multiple items.

However, it was a little confusing at first because we did not initially see any check-boxes, but they appeared as we moved the cursor along the items. One check-box appeared at a time corresponding with the item the mouse pointed at. We also noticed that clicking to the right of the check boxes only selected one check box at a time. If we wanted to make multiple selections, we needed to click on the boxes themselves.

Once we had made our desired tweaks, we had the option to save them, save and exit or exit without saving. In our first test, we chose the second option, and a popup screen appeared asking us to restart Windows or restart later, as some configurations could not take effect without a re-start.

The "Options" button, located on the lower left part of the display, allowed us to do a number of things, including changing language, checking for program update and creating a system restore point. The last option is especially important if you are not sure of the configurations you are making.


Windows Tweaker makes it easy to tweak Windows system so that it functions the way a user prefers. It provides more options than you would typically get without using any third-party software. It is so user friendly that you do not need to be a computer "guru" to configure your operating system.

Software Product Description

More than 100+ tweaks that allow you to customize your system and display settings, schedule shutdowns and lots more.


"Great program"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2015-02-02

Pros: Beautiful GUI, user friendly, intuitive. Has lots of useful tweaks to help get things just the way you want them on your computer.

Cons: A couple of minor issues I noticed. The program asks you to restart no matter if the tweak requires it or not. I suggest making sure the tweak is not already active before restarting. It is not portable, which makes me hesitant to add it to my computer toolkit on USB drive and because many of the tweaks I use are "one time" tweaks I am now forced to uninstall the program from my system as its usefulness for me is over.

Other Thoughts: If this program were portable it would be amazing, as it is it is great.


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