Wolfenstein 3-D Redux 0.02      

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Release Date:   2013-06-14

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Software Product Description

Wolfenstein 3-D Redux is about the preservation of id Software's archetypal First Person Shooter Wolfenstein 3-D. The restoration involved the removal of the gangrenous 16-bit code, while adding support for a number of new technologies. This was done to ensure that Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny would be enjoyed for years to come.

Note: You must have your original Wolfenstein 3-D and/or Spear of Destiny data files.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip Wolfenstein 3-D Redux to a directory of your choice.
  2. Copy your original Wolfenstein 3-D and/or Spear of Destiny data files (They MUST have the extension .WL6 or .SOD) into the sub-directory called base.

    Whereby you replace basedirectory with the directory you unzipped the Wolf3D Redux files into.
  3. Now run wolfextractor.exe
  4. When wolfextractor.exe has finished successfully run wolf3dredux.exe and enjoy.

What's New in version 0.01k:

  • Fixed issues around the texture manager.
  • Fixed distance check issue.
  • Code clean up.


"Unplayable - Runs Too Fast"

Reviewer: -Fred "Anonymous" Smi

Review Date: 2015-06-17

Pros: Wolfenstein 3D is a great classic game. Played it many times over the years.

Cons: Sadly, while this remake actually works, it runs far too quickly (much faster than normal) on my modern computer. Doors open and close almost instantly, expends 99 rounds of pistol ammo in well under a second, player moves much quicker than old "always run" option, guards move & shoot too quickly (again very high rate of fire), Blazkowicz's eyes (in status bar) dart back & forth insanely quick, and so on.

Other Thoughts: Game is simply impossible to play at this speed and no apparent way (menu option, console command, Windows compatibility option, online hint or tip, etc) to slow it down. Too bad.


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