Words Extended v1.0      

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Release Date:   2008-01-22

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

Words,Extended is an Internet text information retrieval, extraction and display program featuring ergometric minimal motion right hand operation, smooth scrolling, sizable font, and easy viewing colors.

Paste text from e-mail or other browsers and use Words,Extended to read it: Three arrow keys operate smooth scrolling. Down arrow, stealth, minimizes.

Type in or right-click a word or phrase to search for it on the Web. Web search queries 24 engines by default, some in foreign languages. Web pages are summarized, including its best un-common keyword list. Click in the web search results to begin reading any web page text. All HTML is turned into text. Save and groom folders of topical text. All work is done in threads. All texts are in memory, up to 500 MB.

Type in or Click a word(s) to search (with word stemming) in all held texts. Display Word search results as KeyWord-in-Context, Sentences or Paragraphs. Click in Word search results to begin reading text right at the found word. Drag over text to create word-wrapped citations annotated with URL and title.

Unicode is used throughout, and many languages are supported. Language guessing and ranking starts with 297139 words in 32 languages. Pages, sentences and words are ranked. Read the best ranked sentences. Toggle whether or not to show low-content-ranked web navigational text. Invoke Internet Explorer with the current page's URL.

Set 10 bookmarks in texts. F3 finds within in a text.

Type in and fetch one URL. Fetch URLs from a text list. Follow all links from a page. Optionally fetch and save binary URLs. Load all files found in the cache. Output cross-referenced URL list. Monitor threads and memory items.

Edit the list of search engines, and result page scraping rules. Fetch pages with submit forms to parse them for new engine URLs. Study mode helps you write new query result page scraping rules.

And, read my personal interpretation of the Book of Revelation.