Wordz 1.0      

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Release Date:   2013-02-27

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Wordz is an easy to use full featured word processing application for the Windows PC platform. It is specifically written for students who perhaps don't have Microsoft Office at home but who need access to a word processor in order to complete homework or other school assignments like course-work etc.

Wordz is 100% portable and can be installed to a flash-drive.

In some ways, if you are a student, Wordz is more powerful than Microsoft Office because you can link parts of text, like a name, directly to Wikipedia. It is also possible to link to any website from within a Wordz document. These features, which are unique to Wordz, could be really useful for additional research when revising or re-reading the document.

Just like Microsoft Office, Wordz comes with a powerful spell-checker and a Live Spell Check feature where misspelled words are highlighted with a red squiggly line. Right-clicking a misspelled word will bring up suggestions from the dictionary etc.

Wordz comes with a number of dictionaries (British English, American English, French, German and Spanish). Again, performing better than Microsoft Office, dictionaries in Wordz are easily switched on or off from within the Spelling Options section. It is also possible to have more than one dictionary working at any given time. This could be really useful for students of foreign languages. It won't help with translation, but at least it will be the correct spelling.

Because Wordz uses Rich Text (RTF) as its document format, there is full compatibility to and from Microsoft Office.

Wordz is 100% Freeware. There are no adverts or donation squawks either.


"Great program!"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2013-11-26

Pros: Works great out of the box, ran it in wine under Zorin Linux without issues. Has many great features and all of the ones I tested worked perfectly.

Cons: Too expensive...(Just kidding!), I didn't notice any.

Other Thoughts: If you are looking for a great WordPad replacement, then this is it.


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