World Of Padman 1.5      

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Release Date:   2010-12-28

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OS:  Windows, Linux, MacOS

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Software Product Description

World of Padman is a free mutliplayer fps shooter set in a giant real environment e.g the kitchen, the prison etc. There are many characters to choose from with a vary of weapons too. Its very face paced and the maps are beautiful. furthermore its free so give it a try. The World of Padman features full bot support for all game types! All you off-line gamers out there will be happy to play Spray your Colour, Big Balloon and Last Pad Standing with bots. The bots play very well, and most maps have been optimised for good bot play. It is pure fun to see the blue nosed people frag each other in SyC and BB.

System Requirements:

  • Some Maps require a fast Processor and more Ram, bu a 1 Gig Processor and 512MB Ram should be fine for most of them
  • recommend: 2 GHz 1 GByte
  • 1GByte Harddisk place required


"World Of Padman"

Reviewer: -Razor

Review Date: 2007-07-05

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Great Graphics, Great Gameplay, If your into FPS games then give this one a go it doesnt require to much juice from your computer to join in with the fun. What more could u ask for in a FPS Freebie ?


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