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Reviewed on March 17, 2017

World of Tanks is made for people who really enjoy tanks. That might seem like an obvious statement, but you've got to be familiar with the MMO landscape to understand just how odd it is to have that straightforward of a core audience. Most MMOs attempt to be everything to everyone, usually failing in the process. World of Tanks, however, makes no attempt to be anything more than it is - an incredibly addicting tactical battle game that is meant only for fans of tank warfare. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at tank tactics, this is the game for you. If you're not into tanks, though, there's still a chance that you'll find something to love about the game.

Tanks, Tweaks, and Upgrades

First and foremost, this is a game for enthusiasts. There's no extraneous military units here, nor is there some kind of larger meta-game surrounding resources or management. Players are put in charge of a tank, given full control, and thrown into battle. The controls are actually quite simple, and the basic loot of drive-aim-shoot is simple enough that anyone can master it. You won't encounter anything particularly fancy in terms of movement, but that's what makes the game shine. It'd be easy to throw in some unrealistic movement or sci-fi weirdness, but World of Tanks stays true to the premise.

The real fun of the game for tank enthusiasts comes in before and after battles. You're given relatively free reign to upgrade your tank, following a tech tree that takes you across the years and through a bevy of real-world tank technology. You'll spend more time tweaking your vehicle than anything else, but you'll see fairly instant results on the battlefield. As you play, you'll learn more about how tanks work and what you need to do to make them stand out in combat.

Premium Options Not Necessary

The price of entry for World of Tanks is non-existent, but that doesn't mean there's not money to be spent. A Premium Account will help you to level up and unlock content faster, but you'll need to pay for it at a rate of about thirteen dollars a month. Premiums tanks are also available, but they run from around six dollars to well over one hundred dollars each. There's money to be spent on the game, but it's not necessary - you can remain competitive if you play for free and keep up with the daily missions.


If you really like tanks, you can't skip this game. It's probably the best tank experience that's ever been on the market, and it's certainly not going to be beaten any time soon. If you aren't an enthusiast, though, the game still deserves a try. The strong tactical representation and the low price of entry make it a good time waster if nothing else. If you really want some of the best tactical combat action available online and you have a preference for tanks, though, you'll want to clear your schedule - this game will offer you quite a bit to do.

Software Product Description

A team-based MMO game dedicated to armored warfare.

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