Wunderlist 3.19.7      

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Release Date:   2016-02-28

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10

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If you would like to be more productive in your daily life, then you should take advantage of modern technology that allows you to synchronize things from multiple locations and devices. Wunderlist is a simple cross-platform task manager you can use to perform over-the-air synchronization irrespective of the device used. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, KindleFire, Android and iOS devices.


  • Create different types of lists and access them from multiple devices
  • Start conversations about To-Do lists
  • Share lists with others
  • Delegate To-Dos to relevant people
  • Setting reminders about important deadlines
  • Easily organize projects irrespective of your location

Using Wunderlist

The Wunderlist executable file is a self-extracting archive that creates a short cut on the desktop. When we launched the program, it gave us the option to either create a new or sign in to our Wunderlist account. When we signed into our account, it displayed the Inbox.

We found it relatively easy to use Wunderlist compared to other task management apps we had previously tried. The free task manager allowed us to create a list of groupings with a list of tasks under each grouping. We created as many tasks and contexts as we wanted.

We could easily add tasks to different list groupings by dragging and dropping them to the desired groupings. The tasks could have notes, reminders, stars or due dates. We could view lists for today, tomorrow, the next seven days or those without a date. Unfortunately, the tasks displayed without showing their parent list groupings.

The program allowed us to print our current task lists and publish them to the cloud. We received a link we could share with other people we wanted to view the lists.

The use of keyboard shortcuts made it easier to use Wunderlist. In addition to such global shortcuts as CTRL+A for selecting everything, the program had special shortcuts for performing various functions like adding new lists, marking selected items as either completed or starred, focusing search and synchronizing.

The ability to restore deleted lists is especially handy in case you delete a list by mistake.

We could configure the free task manager to function the way we wanted. For example, we selected the types of notification we wanted to receive, enabled sound for new notifications and checking off items, set our preferred language, date format and start of the week. We could also change the background image.

If you are using Wunderlist in more than one device, then the ability to synchronize data in the cloud will help you update information across the devices easily.


Wunderlist is a simple but powerful task manager that allows you to synchronize multiple devices using different operating systems and share your lists with others. While you can easily add tasks to different list groupings, the program does not seem to have repeat options for tasks.

Software Product Description

Organize and share your to-do, work, grocery, movies and household lists.


"Totally operating system transparent?"

Reviewer: -Greg Zeng

Review Date: 2015-11-29

Pros: "It is compatible with Windows, Mac, KindleFire, Android and iOS devices." means that is not just data-file compatible. On Android, there is the same program, under the Android system.

Cons: $50 per annum to use their servers.

Other Thoughts: Needs thorough, detailed testing to check whether OTA data updates are possible.
Use other data-servers eg Google?


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