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Release Date:   2006-05-28

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Software Product Description

xCollect is successor of DivX;-) Db, but it supports much more. It will fetch data from web sites (movies [IMDB support available out of the box], games). xCollect uses python for scripts, and will save your movies, tv series, games, (books and music collection are in the works) into the same file. It has an advanced loan manager and find as you type.


  • Download size < 3,5MiB,
  • Small database files or at least well compressable, (2MiB database with 2200 movies is 330KiB zipped or 180KiB 7-zipped)
  • find as you type - start typing and xCollect will automatically filter current collection,
  • It's open source and it will stay that way,
  • HTML info view for all types (moves, games, persons, tv series) - higly customizable (templates),
  • Full localization (you can translate everything) including Genres, Awards, ...
  • Cover printing,
  • Search for covers (scripts)*,
  • Identifies up to 420 video codecs,
  • Identifies up to 150 audio codecs,
  • Recognizes following audio-video files avi, DVD, mpeg*, vcd*, ogm*
  • Movie video compression codec change e.g. XVID to DIVX,
  • Search for subtitles (scripts)*,
  • Import data from txt, amc files,*
  • Export data to txt, xml and html files,*
  • Loan history regardles to member, movies, game, book
  • Sending e-mail messages to members which have overdue movies, games, books
  • Complete movie information from IMDb or other page (scripts),
  • Complete game information from any page (scripts),
  • Using python for scripts,