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Reviewed on October 30, 2018

Ever felt the need to sketch a graph on your computer the same way you would draw it on paper? Well, XLPlot is the software for you. XLPlot is an application that allows you to create figures straight from your computer and export the graph to the desired spreadsheet. It is a useful tool for high school level curriculum as it incorporates basic statistical functions including linear correlation and students' T-test among others. To understand more about the software, here's an overview of its features.

Features and Functionality

Create figures rapidly
With XLPlot you can easily sketch figures and export them to a spreadsheet with a few clicks of the mouse. Use the available features on the interface to graphically put your visual concept into a printable form easily.

Basic Statistical Functions
The most basic statistical concepts are included in the software including Student's t-test and linear correlation of two data sets. You can easily fit the built-in functions to the data in columns on your spreadsheet, or even on a curve in a diagram.

Lite Version of the Serf Software Suite
Serf Software Suite is a collection of software, designed for biologists. XLPlot is an extremely light version of the software suite as it incorporates the most essential features of the programs in the suite and makes them even simpler to use.

Import and Export Windows BMP Bitmaps
You can easily import bitmaps example photos or impressions and manipulate their appearance on the drawing sheet. This feature comes in handy when you want to make an accurate graphical impression of an image.

JRTalk Extension
If you have written a program in visual basic, the JRTalk extension enables you to control the written program on XLPlot.

Synchronized functionality
With this feature, you can sync the XLPlot drawing sheet with your columns on a spreadsheet so that the changes you make on the spreadsheet will automatically take effect on the drawing sheet. Making changes on your vector graph has never been easier.


XLPlot basically makes it easier to make accurate impressions of data on your spreadsheet. It will also be easier to use XLPlot than the Serf Software Suite if your diagrams are not complex. It is also super lite, so you barely even notice it is there. It works on MS Windows 2000 and up, with a simple to use interface for use at any level of expertise.

Software Product Description

Plot data from spreadsheets.