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This tool is a compact multi document text editor (featured syntax highlighting, find/replace, bookmarks, undo/redo, etc.) allows an XML/XSL developer to build XSL templates (by inserting XSL and HTML constructions) and using the XPath analyzer, then test XSL transformation. The result may be showed in the built in browser.


  • Standard text editing functions: copy/paste, find/replace, bookmarks, etc.
  • XSL and HTML synatax highlighting - There is smart selection of highlighting: for XML, XSL and HTML types of documents. You can designate your own color set.
  • Possibility to open many documents both types (XML and XSL). You can process several data XML files through one XSL transformation, or on the contrary - to design several stylesheets and try how they work on a single XML
  • XSL transformation. One window contain XML, the other one XSLT. Transform them to the result in the third window. XSL transforms can be tested easily using one click or one press while developing. Transform testing is designed to be as quick as possible.
  • Preview in the built in web browser. Documents can be viewed in XML or HTML view. This is useful for running transforms that generate HTML using the popular XML -> XSL -> HTML approach.


"What you've always been looking for."

Reviewer: -Lexington

Review Date: 2008-05-06

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Other Thoughts: Do you want an xml editor with xsl transform capabilities, an xpath tester, fast load, efficient, easy to install, handles large XML files without hanging?

Then this is the tool for you.

The only thing missing is tree and pane view.


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