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Whether you want to make some changes to your computer or are simply curious about its performance, a benchmark program will come in handy. If you are particularly interested in determining the performance of the central processing unit, XtremeMark is a simple but effective benchmark that can handle both new and old CPUs. The software is compatible with multi-thread and multi-core machines as well as those using either 64-bit or 32-bit processors.

Using XtremeMark

XtremeMark features a neat, multi-tabbed GUI that makes it easy to switch between Benchmark, Settings and Extended report among other features. It also displays some useful information to help users even though there is no dedicated help file.

We could opt to execute multiple threads, and the appropriate number depended on our CPU. This feature is especially handy with modern multi-core CPUs. If you choose more threads than the capacity of your CPU, however, your system may hang temporarily during the test.

We could choose one, two, four, eight or 16 threads. We could also change the priority of the threads from minimum, low, normal, elevated to maximum. Selecting a higher priority reserved more resources for the test. When we did that, the free benchmark software performed better although we experienced slowdowns with other applications.

Choosing a high number of operations leads to more accurate results, but you should expect the program to perform the test relatively slowly. The application allowed us to select 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion and 100 billion operations, but the developers did not recommend going beyond 100 million operations. The higher quantities were meant for very powerful CPUs.

Once we had configured the software the way we wanted, we clicked the "Start Benchmark" button and viewed the test progress on a bar on the lower part of the application window.

After the test, you can choose to view a simple report in three different ways. Alternatively, you may choose not to view any report.

We got detailed system information and benchmark results under the Extended report tab. The results included average operations per second, time taken by each thread, total time spent and global time spent. We had the option to export the results in either txt or rtf format.

The Settings tab allowed us to customize the software by selecting language, activating Aero Glass effect, saving window position and test preferences when closing.


XtremeMark is a simple and free benchmark application that allows you to determine the speed of your CPU. You will also get useful information about your system, such as operating system name, build type, number of running processes or applications, total and available RAM, total and available virtual memory, CPU manufacturer, model and specifications. You can export the results for later viewing.

Software Product Description

XtremeMark is a benchmarking utility that will test the speed of your PC and in particular that of your CPU (Central Processing Unit) by executing a large amount of parallel calculations.

Supports 32/64bit processors, multicore and multi-thread (max 16 cores or parallel threads) machines.