Yahoo! Messenger      

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Release Date:   2012-05-31

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

Yahoo! Messenger is a free service that allows you to see when your friends are online and ready to talk, send private, instant messages so no one else can hear, get instant alerts for new messages in your Yahoo! Mail account, and keep track of your stocks portfolios and use stock price limit alerts.


  • Free PC-to-PC calls* regular phones for dirt cheap
  • Personalize Messenger with fun plug-ins
  • Listen to free Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast radio
  • Instant messaging
  • Drag and drop photo and file sharing
  • Share IMs from your mobile phone
  • Share live video with your webcam
  • Use fun Emoticons, Audibles, and Avatars
  • Catch up on friend's lives with Yahoo! 360 built right in

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"About time!"

Reviewer: -Merlin

Review Date: 2011-12-03

Pros: FINALLY! They added tabs! TABS! Tabs have only existed for a few thousand years for Firefox & other applications... All joking aside though, what took soooo looooong?

Cons: Advertisements. Not just a single ad on your Yahoo, but ad on your webcam, chat window, im window, yahoo, whew! Ya know, I WOULD like to be able to see the messenger in the midst of the sea of ads!

Other Thoughts: Advertisements in yahoo chat take up 1/2 the screen sometimes. And when they take up 75%, I have to close chat & re-enter, just to be able to see what people are saying.

Fix this, please? I mean, ads are nice, yada yada. They aren't, really, but we can put up with them so long as you don't make them FULL PAGE & on every part of YM!

This is the reason I rated it 4, instead of 5 stars.

Maybe 1 ad, or a couple, but not 10 or 12 ad windows, & not take up half the screen, please! Makes me regret I have Yahoo, sometimes! The ads are so tacky! They don't even look like part of YM!

Make the ad space attractive, or give it it's own tabbed window, or something, puhlease?



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