Yandex Browser 21.9.1      

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Release Date:   2021-10-12

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

Simple and fast: Launching Yandex only takes a few seconds. The browser interface includes only the most necessary buttons, and plenty of space for viewing pages.

Favorite sites are easy to find: When opening a new tab, you see the Tableau -- a panel with an arrangement of thumbnails (widgets) for the pages you visit most often. To go to a desired page, just click its widget. Keep up with events: widgets can display up-to-date information (weather, traffic, or social network notifications).

Translating web sites to your language: Yandex can translate web site pages to your native language. It recognizes 13 languages, including English, German, French, and Ukrainian. If you find an unfamiliar foreign word, put the cursor over it and hold down the Shift key. The browser will tell you the translation.

Push to Call: Yandex.Browser for desktop will help you quickly call numbers found on the internet. Just one click on the number on the site and Yandex.Browser for mobile phones will dial it on your smartphone. In order to enable Push to Call, install Browser on both devices and set up syncing.

Virus protection: Yandex own system scans millions of websites every day. Yandex.Browser will warn you if you try to visit a harmful site. Every file you download will also be scanned for viruses by Kaspersky.

Syncing: Use Yandex.Browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your bookmarks and Tableau are available everywhere and load automatically after logging into the browser.

Backgrounds: Change your browser background as often as you like. Select one of the default images or upload your own.


"Der beste Browser den ich neben Opera nutze"

Reviewer: -Friedrich S.

Review Date: 2015-07-12

Pros: Sehr schnell, stabil, integrierter Download Manager, integrierter PDF Viewer, sehr sicher, kein Müll, kein Toolbar Schrott, sauber aufgeräumt und nicht überladen, gute Integration von Chrome Apps aus dem Google Webstore

Cons: NICHTS - es gibt keine Negativ Merkmale

Other Thoughts: None


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