YouTube Embedded Player | PoziTone Module v0.0.5      

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Release Date:   2016-09-24

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Software Product Description

The PoziTone Embedded YouTube player gives you easy access to your favorite videos right from your browser, regardless what website you're on. Imagine being able to shop on one website while looking at product reviews through the embedded player at the same time. It's super convenient, and you can also use it for many other purposes. Make multitasking for work or school much less of a hassle, or look at written recipes while also watching videos of the cooking all at once.

The players is a snap to use, and takes just seconds to install in your browser. Once you've got the PoziTone extension, click to open and enjoy YouTube videos no matter what website you happen to be looking at. In addition to allowing you quick access to YouTube content, you can use it to receive notifications of video changes and have a handy list of recently played videos. This PoziTone module is an extension that's compatible with Opera, Chrome, and Chromium based browsers.

This module is meant for YouTube embedded player only, it doesn't work on itself.

Requires installation of PoziTone