2bpop v1.1      

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Release Date:   2002-07-07

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K

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Software Product Description

TAKE surfing the net for business and general interest to new heights - this simple software integrates and advances the necessary things to gain control of the web. 2bpop will help you in many ways - surfing the net, researching, shopping, building up a database of sites, building client lists.... and much more. It is an advanced net browser window with added features in a simple interface:
  • Auto grab emails, page description and keywords into your database as your surf.
  • Immediately send an email and reuse email templates as you surf.
  • Grab URL's one at a time or in blocks from web pages and keep them in your database.
  • 2bpop is very much a solution to help you generate new positive business and personal relationships on the internet as well as take your searching and internet exploring to new heights.
2bpop will have you addicted to the web because you will be getting real results. Contact 100's of people an hour without spamming. Contact 100's of people to get better prices before you shop on the web.. contact people to answer your research questions, contact 100's of businesses to submit your resume... this software will be one of your most valuable additions to your software library.