How to Repair Your Computer After a System Crash

A system crash can be very much disturbing when you were doing something important on your computer and not expecting any kind of delay in your work. The crash of an operating system and a hard drive are two different things. An operating system crash is considered as a logical failure and a hard drive crash is much of a physical failure. It can be difficult to figure out what is causing the problem. Whatever the issue is, your data cannot be accessed in either case.


A system crash can be caused by:
  • Hardware issue
  • Software issue
  • RAM related problems
  • Overloaded hard disk
  • Abrupt power failure
  • Viruses / Malware
Steps need to be taken when it happens:
  • Try to do a soft reboot by clicking on the ‘Start’ menu and then ‘Restart’ option. If a soft reboot is not possible then do a hard reboot by pressing the Power button.
  • If your computer is working fine after the restart then check for any possible reason of the system crash like installation of a new software or anything else.
  • You need to restart the computer in safe mode if the problem is caused by any software that has been installed recently. It is the diagnostic mode of an OS.
  • To restart the computer in safe mode, go to the OS boot options and select Safe Mode. If you need internet connectivity in diagnostic then select safe mode with networking.
  • Once in safe mode, you can easily perform system maintenance task and fix your computer by scanning for malware, updating hardware drivers, and uninstalling the suspicious software etc.

These manual methods can be used to repair a crashed system, but using a specific tool is more convenient. There are a lot of repair tools which are easily available like:

FixWin Utility:

This software is a good option to fix common OS issues. No installation is required. The program files can be saved to any part of the hard disk and FixWin can be launched by clicking on the executable.

You can download it from here: –


MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

A system crash can also result in the loss of data. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be used to recover lost data as well as recover data from a damaged partition. It is simple to use even for a person who is not technically sound.

You can download it from here: –



SystemRescueCd is a bootable live CD that contains a complete OS based on Linux. It can be used to repair your system and recover the lost data after a crash. The software supports both Linux and Windows Operating Systems. Additionally, it comes with an entire package of other useful administrative and repair tools for your system such as disk management programs, memory test utilities, data recovery tools, and more.

You can download it from here: –


F-Secure Rescue CD:

If your PC becomes unresponsive after a system crash and you can no longer normally boot your system or can’t boot into safe mode, F-Secure Rescue CD is an excellent solution to securely boot and repair your system. It will fix your computer by scaning your scanning and disinfecting your system of all problem causing threats. You can easily repair your system by using this software. It’s flexible as you can burn it to a CD or use a USB drive. The software is available in both the versions.

You can download it from here: –

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