How to Protect Your Smartphone from Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of cyber attack that stops users from accessing their data and devices. These attackers will encrypt your files and decrypt only if you pay their ransom demands. It is more common in computers but sometimes your phone can also get infected. Smartphones have some additional security that makes them safer as compared to computers. Google provides several preventive layers to protect smartphone users from ransomware, but additional protection is a must.



Once your phone gets infected with ransomware, it will usually display a screen stating that you violated the law so you have to pay a fine in order to access your device. It also gives a time limit such as: if you do not pay the amount in 3 days, the price will be doubled, and if you do not pay them in 7 days, you will not be able to recover your data ever. They generally take the payment in bitcoins as it’s harder to trace and safer for the attacker. It is always best to keep a backup of your all important data on an external storage device.

Following are a few tips that can reduce the chance of getting infected with ransomware:

  • Always download applications on your phone from a trusted source. Sometimes a site will offer you a paid application for free but those apps are more likely to contain some kind of malware.
  • Make sure the firmware of your device is always up to date as older versions make the device more vulnerable.
  • Activate a trusted mobile security application. These apps prevent and detect all suspicious activities on your phone and alert you.
  • Do not download any unknown email attachment that you do not trust because it is the most common way of spreading this infection.
  • Never install an application without checking its ratings and reviews.

You can also use security tools to provide extra protection for your device from ransomware and other security threats. There are a number of different tools available for smartphones:


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile:

Malwarebytes, well-known for their desktop security software, offers a mobile version to protect your smartphone or tablet from ransomware, malware, trojans, spyware, and other security threats.

This powerful mobile security software also prevents unauthorized surveillance, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), closes security holes, and allows you to easily manage your private and sensitive data.



You can download it from here: Anti-Malware Mobile


McAfee Mobile Security:

McAfee Mobile Security is another great security app to protect your smartphone from ransomware. In addition to its standard protection features to detect and remove security threats, this popular app includes handy remote functions such as remote device lock, remote data wipe, and users can manage their smartphone security from a web portal.



You can download it from here: Mobile Security


Kaspersky Mobile Security:

This application offers anti-virus and anti-theft protection as well. It also provides a filter for calls and SMS. It has a simple user interface that makes it very easy to use.



You can download it from here: Mobile Security


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