How to Access and Customize Android’s Autocorrect

If you regularly make typos in emails and text messages, then Autocorrect is your life saver. Autocorrect is also responsible for many humorous and disastrous messages sent accidentally. It can lead to quite embarrassing and awkward situations. To avoid them, you can disable Autocorrect, and if you want, you can modify several aspects of this feature instead. This feature becomes more useful and less irritating if you customize it.

There are multiple keyboards installed by default depending upon the Android phone you are using. This article focuses on Google Keyboard – also known as GBoard.

Access Your Keyboard and Auto-correction

To access the keyboard on your Android device, go to: Settings > Language & Input > GBoard.

Next, click on Text Correction. It will provide various Corrections options. If you want to disable Auto-correction, select it and turn it off. Additionally, you can turn on or off Auto capitalization, which capitalizes the first letter in each sentence, as well as Double-space Period. Double-space Period is a handy feature that automatically inserts a period and space by double-pressing the space bar.


Personal Dictionary and Customization Options

You can also add your abbreviations and words to your Personal Dictionary. For this, you have to select the option Personal Dictionary on the Text Correction screen. There are times when you continually receive suggestions of misspelled words. It happens because unknowingly you must have saved those words to your Personal Dictionary.

There are many other customizing options available such as: ‘Block offensive words,’ ‘Show emoji suggestions,’ ‘Personalized suggestions,’ ‘Next-word suggestions,’ and more.

To avoid an embarrassing text sent by accident, you can turn on ‘Block offensive words.’ Note: by default, this option is ‘On‘. This is handy if you do not want a word in your conversation replaced by some similar word that may be inappropriate.

The overall method of managing Autocorrect is more or less the same on all versions of Android but can vary slightly depending on the make and model of your phone.

If you have tried all of these techniques but are still facing issues, you can try using a different keyboard. There are numerous keyboards that have excellent features and are readily available in the Google Play Store.

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