How to Transfer Your Old Phone Data to Your New Phone

You have a new smartphone, or you’re thinking about buying a new smartphone, and transferring the data from your old phone to your new phone is the big question mark in your head. Others think there’s only one way: transferring everything to your PC.

What if you’re an Android user wishing to buy an iPhone? Technology has changed how we use things. This includes smartphones. There’s no need to hesitate about buying the latest iPhone or Android models. Developers are continuously coming up with different easy methods to transfer your files and data from your old phone to your new phone. You can do this with or without having to use third-party software.

If you are an Android phone user, one way you can backup and transfer your files is by using Google’s cloud services. This has been made possible by Android 5.0 Lollipop. The features that were made available by Lollipop are the “Tap and Go” and the “Backup and Restore” features.

How to Transfer Files with Tap and Go

Tap and Go is reliant on the use of NFC, which is found on the back of your phone. Earlier Android models have this in the original back cover. To transfer your files from your old phone, enable NFC (Settings > Connect and Share > NFC) on both phones and tap the back of the phones. It will trigger a data transfer prompt, and you just have to select “Okay” to confirm the transfer of files.


How to Use Backup and Reset and Restore Data

Older Android phones, unfortunately, don’t have NFC. To transfer files and photos, you will need to back up your files to your Google account. On your phone, select Settings > Personal > Backup and reset.

After you have created a backup on your new phone, log in to your Google account and select the backup. If there are some apps missing, simply go to the Play Store and download once again the apps that were not included in the backup.


How to Use Samsung Smart Switch

This feature is found in Samsung models. It enables consumers to easily migrate their data, apps, photos and even phone settings to their new Samsung phone. There are three ways you can migrate files to your new phone through the Smart Switch feature.

  • First is through a wireless connection. However, both phones would need to the have the app.
  • You can also migrate the files with the use of a USB cable. However, this would only apply to Android phones.
  • The third way you can transfer files and data from your old phone is by putting everything on your PC or Mac, which must have the Smart Switch app, and then to your new phone. This step is probably the best way you can migrate files from your iPhone to your Samsung phone.
How to Migrate Files from Android to iPhone

Other brands have also made it easier for consumers to switch to a new phone. Like Samsung, Motorola also has a migrate tool. Apple also uses a unique system where consumers can easily switch from an old phone to a new phone. This is with the use of the iCloud.

If you are an Android user and thinking of buying an iPhone, Apple has also made it easier to transfer files and data. This is with the use of the Move to iOS feature which was made possible by iOS 9. However, this feature only supports phones that have Android 4.0 or later.

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