How to Uninstall and Remove Software from Your Computer

Your computer requires a good spring cleaning from time to time to maintain good health and well-being. You should continually remove all old software that you do not need or want anymore. These programs only take up valuable space on the hard drive and slow down your system.

You can remove software from your computer using the built-in function in Windows as well as third party applications. Following are details for both Windows and third party programs.

Windows Built-in Function:

To remove a program in Windows Operating System, we use the Control Panel to access the feature. The name of the function varies depending upon the Operating System you are using.

  • For Windows 10: Programs and Features
  • For Windows 7/8/8.1: Uninstall a Program
  • For Windows XP: Add or Remove Programs

Next, click the appropriate link, and a list of all installed programs will appear. Now click on the program you want to remove, and it will give you an option to uninstall.

In Windows 8/8.1/10, it is much easier as compared to the older versions. Simply go to the Start Menu and find the program you want to uninstall. You will see an option to uninstall when you right-click on the name of the program.

Third-party Applications:


  • Revo Uninstaller: This tool uninstalls those stubborn programs that do not get fully removed by the default uninstaller function of your system. It also scans for leftovers after the standard uninstall. This uninstaller also includes additional cleaning tools as well. Revo Uninstaller provides a portable version and an installation version of the software.

Download here: Revo Uninstaller


  • ZSoft Uninstaller: It is one of the best options available as an alternative to the native Windows program uninstaller. Easily use it as an add/remove applet replacement. It removes all traces of an installed program including associated registry files. This tool is simple to use and quick to learn.

Download here: ZSoft Uninstaller


  • Geek Uninstaller: Geek Uninstaller has a simple, straightforward user interface. Additionally, it’s a fast and very efficient tool to remove software from your computer. This software can also locate all the traces of previously uninstalled programs in the registry.

Download here: Geek Uninstaller


  • Wise Uninstaller: This software allows you to uninstall pesky software that is difficult to remove by conventional means. It gives you an option to run a Safe Uninstall or Forced Uninstall. You can also rate software and read reviews from other users.

Download here: Wise Program Uninstaller


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