How to View and Delete Clipboard Data on Android

As an average user, we generally do not pay attention to the contents of the clipboard on Android devices. Every time we copy something on our phone, it automatically gets saved to the clipboard. This content does not get deleted automatically and remains there unless we delete it manually.

Unknowingly, we all have our tablet or phone’s clipboard that is full of random information we’ve copied over time. This is a security risk as those who use your phone and third party apps can retrieve this data. It’s good practice to frequently view and clear your Android clipboard. Following are various ways to delete data from the Android clipboard.

Manual Deletion:
  • Open a text area (using a text app such as SNote) and long tap there until you see a dialog box giving you options of ‘Paste’ and ‘Clipboard’.
  • Tap the ‘Clipboard’ option and you will be able to see all the content stored on the clipboard.

  • You will be given the option to delete all content from the clipboard or you can delete each snippet of data individually. Simply press and hold the snippet which will deploy a small window as shown below. You can either delete the item or lock the clipboard.

Deletion using third party applications:

There are a number of different applications available to make the process of deleting data from your Android clipboard much easier. Since we still do not have a native clipboard manager for Android, you may find some of the following apps quite useful.

  • My Clipboard Manager: This is a customizable application that lets you edit and remove the content of your clipboard quite easily. Once you install the app, you need to turn on the copy buffer. You can sort all of your content on the basis of date or usage. This app is a great option if you want instant and easy access to the clipboard.

Download here:


  • Easy Copy: With the help of this app, you can easily manage the copied text on your android phone. The copied text can be accessed from the notification tray. If you frequently copy a specific text like an email ID or phone number, there is an option to favorite that text and access it from the popup.

Download here:


  • Clip Stack: Clip Stack is one of the best applications available for clipboard management. It offers some additional features along with the option of editing and deleting the clipboard items. If you copy some sensitive content like passwords or banking information, you can also set a PIN on your phone’s clipboard.

Download here:


  • Native Clipboard: Native Clipboard is a lightweight and highly customizable application for clipboard management. You can set a gesture like double tap and whenever you want to access the clipboard, you can by using it.

Download here:

These are just a few tips and free tools to help you view, manage, and delete Android clipboard content. Hope you find it useful.

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