Top 5 Calendar Apps for Android

Calendars have been around for quite a long time in some form or other. They are essential to meet deadlines, manage appointments and remember important days.

In today’s world, a calendar app is one of the most fundamental tools in our mobile phone. In addition to organizing our lives and scheduling events, calendar apps save time and ensure you make the most of every day.

All smartphones come with built-in calendars, but there are a few calendar apps that are much more functional than your basic built-in application. Following are five calendar apps we think may prove useful.


Top 5 Calendar Apps for Android in No Particular Order
App Name Description Required Android Version
Google Calendar Effective time management and scheduling application. Create and edit events and quickly set reminders. Varies with device


Simple Calendar Customizable, ad-free calendar that can be used to create recurring events and set reminders. 4.1 and up
Business Calendar 2 Excellent, feature-packed calendar app. Includes event reminders, tasks widget, more. 4.1 and up
Calendar Widget Month + Agenda Get a quick view of the month and the day’s agenda. 4.0.3 and up
Microsoft Outlook Provides a clear and unified view of all your tasks ensure efficiency. 4.1 and up


Google Calendar:

Keep track of important information by using this time management and scheduling application. Easily create and edit events, and as a bonus, reminders can be enabled for a particular event. This automatically turns these events into Todo list tasks. The handy sync feature also makes it easier to access your schedule from multiple devices. You can also set a goal, and the app will help you to achieve it by finding the best time window in your schedule.

Download here: Google Calendar


Simple Calendar:

Simple Calendar is one of the most popular and feature-heavy calendar applications. This app allows you to create recurring events and set reminders for them as well. This app is ad-free, opensource, doesn’t require excessive permissions, and is customizable. This lightweight tool does not take much space and works quite well. If you are looking for a not so complex tool, this app is an excellent choice..

Download here: Simple Calendar


Business Calendar 2:

This is a calendar application with various customization options and an intuitive interface. It has almost all features that you might need such as an event planner, holiday schedule, voice input, and much more. Business Calendar 2 also keeps track of your tasks. By looking into your schedule, this app always identifies your free time frames so that you can add an activity and recognize when you actually have the time for it.

Download here: Business Calendar 2


Calendar Widget Month + Agenda:

This is undoubtedly one of the best calendar widget apps available, and it features a clean, sleek design. It provides you with a quick overview of the month and day’s agenda. You can sync it with Google Calendar, and it also supports the lunar calendar. Since this is not a calendar app, this widget should be added to the home screen of your phone. Once you tap on a date, it will open your default calendar.

Download here: Calendar Widget Month + Agenda


Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook will help you to manage your busy day quite easily. It presents a clear and unified view of all your tasks so that you do not miss out on any event. You can manage your calendar by marking the days and set reminders according to that day. This way, you can effectively prioritize your tasks as well and meet deadlines.

Download here: Microsoft Outlook

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