5 Android Apps to Get the Best Shopping Deals

Along with the many online options we have for locating the best available deals today, there is an entire range of shopping deal apps for us to choose from, notwithstanding all the various ways they can save money for us.

Some bring you weekly ads from favorite retailers while others specialize in finding the best coupons and discount codes for you or provide the facility to compare prices. Then, there are the apps created by the online giants determined to stay above the fray to bring you the best of the best. Working in different ways to get you the best online shopping deals, here are five free shopping apps for you to consider.

idealo – Price Comparison & Mobile Shopping App

Simple to use price comparison app provides far-reaching shopping information

idealo compares product pricing from the largest online shopping sites including Amazon and eBay. Originally developed in Germany and currently covering deals for European and UK users, it displays highly detailed information in response to your text or barcode search. A basic search for a product from the search bar – whether you’re talking electronics, video games, exercise equipment, fashion or anything else, returns a list of products complete with prices. Clicking on a product in the list brings up the product description and gives you access to pricing history, reviews and more.

You’ll find everything from fact sheets to videos, reviews to ratings from purchasers of the product with this app. While easy to use, it has many filtering and sorting options to simplify your results and keeps a history so that you can go back to past searches. You can get notified of price drops, etc. and idealo enables you to set up email alerts so that you are alerted when a product is being offered at your target price, and you can also share information on social media from within the app, or let friends know by texting them.


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Google Shopping: Discover, compare prices & buy

Find anything, and get recommendations based on previous activity

Operating on a ‘find, compare and buy’ premise, Google Shopping which was originally known as Google Express, is a great app for when you want to compare prices and track down the best online shopping deals. You can even conveniently buy items using your Google account and get the Google guarantee and customer support.

Google Shopping enables you to search or browse by category or by store/manufacturer, compare prices, read reviews and get availability – both online and in local stores. In addition to saving time and money, you get app-exclusive deals, promo codes and even free shipping when items qualify. Best of all, you are kept up to date on daily deals and flash sales.


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Flipp – Weekly Shopping

The app that reduces your weekly shopping bill

Browsing store ads and developing shopping lists is easy with Flipp. Deals can be browsed by store or category which makes easy work of finding out what’s on sale in the store where you regularly shop, or looking around to find out where you can get a better deal on a specific item.

Among its many features, the app lets you load coupons to your loyalty card(s), ready to apply at the checkout or upload receipts to get rebates and even redeem the rebates via your PayPal account.

Browsing, selecting and saving the deals from leading retailers – such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and many more – using Flipp can go a long way to even halving your weekly shopping bill. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, pharmacy items, electronics, fashion, hardware, the Android app provides:

  • Capability to create a shopping list on the app so that you have the list, offers, and deals conveniently in one place
  • All the relevant deals available in your area stores
  • All the current deals and circulars from more than 2000 retailers.
  • Ability to search and find sales or compare prices
  • Have deals readily available at all times simply saved to your shopping list.
  • Online shopping deals by category
  • Ability to add your loyalty and rewards cards so that they’re readily available at checkout.
  • Ability to save or print coupons
  • Load coupons to your loyalty cards

National, international and regional stores are being added to Flipp on an ongoing basis.


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Amazon Shopping – Search Fast, Browse Deals Easy

Scan products and compare prices on Amazon

The Amazon shopping app is more than an online shopping deals app. It has a product search tool that actually scans any given item and searches for it on the Amazon website. This is in addition to the barcode scanner. The app returns the items and pricing and displays related items as well.

You get to search products and compare prices on any of Amazon’s worldwide sites with all the Amazon advantages like 1-Click ordering, Wish Lists, Registries, order tracking, and integration with Alexa – i.e., search, track orders, reorder and more verbally.

Additionally, there are options for automatic notification of Gold Box Deals, Deal of the Day and more deals as they become available. And you can share deals on social media or by email from within the app. Other notification options include shipping and arrival information on ordered products. To get all the advantages provided by the Amazon Shopping app, permissions are needed for access to your phone’s camera, contact list, microphone, flashlight (for scanning items and barcodes in bad light), and more.


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Compare Prices On Amazon & eBay – Barcode Scanner

Instant access to prices, ratings, reviews on eBay and Amazon

The ultimate tool for comparing prices on Amazon and eBay, the Barcode Scanner is simple to use, finds the scanned item fast and enables you to order it from within the app. You have instant access to all eBay and/or Amazon inventory, find online shopping deals and compare prices on millions of products.

  • Scan a barcode and immediately view it on Amazon and eBay
  • Find current discounts and deals
  • Fast, mobile price comparison
  • Search and shop for anything from the app
  • View ratings and reviews for the scanned item

The app provides fast and easy comparison by displaying the Amazon and eBay listings in separate sections of the screen so that you can see them simultaneously. This can prove very convenient for quickly acquiring online shopping deals, reviews and ratings available on the websites of either of the two online giants anytime, anywhere.


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These 5 Android apps will ensure you save money and find the best shopping deals online or offline.